Diamond Numbers for Tales of Fear #1

Tales of Fear #1

Tales of Fear #1

Official Press Release

The new Indie Comics Magazine Presents program, where Aazurn Publishing handles promoting, printing and selling your full book through Diamond, is publishing its first book: Tales of Fear #1.

Runaway success? Hardly. Crash and burn disaster? Not at all. Here are the numbers, and an analysis follows.

Diamond ordered 1,369 of Tales of Fear #1, paying $2,601.10 at a per-unit cost of $1.90.

The Indie Comics Magazine Presents price for 1500 books, 48 black ink pages plus color cover, is $3320.

The ICMP cost covers scheduling, promoting, submitting, printing, shipping and billing the printed comic through Diamond, including $750 B/W Previews and $89 bar code, news release program, video preview online, and much more.

That’s what I did as Indie Comics Magazine Presents. What more could I have done as Gary Scott Beatty, creator?

- I did not contact retailers as I should have. Other than some communications through message boards, I left comic shops out of the picture, concentrating on individuals who might pre-order. I didn’t even set up any signings — comic shop signings alone could have boosted sales by hundreds.

- My product has a limited audience, suggested for mature readers. I thought “pushing the boundaries of good taste” would work as a tag line to interest readers. It might have, but how many sales did I lose by going over the top? Hard to say!

- Zombie P@%n is, I thought, a humorous title for a story. Retailers might have thought it contained actually nudity (It did not, at least not full frontal). Oops.

- The illustrations are not even close to traditional. I tried to play up on that, making Tales of Fear unique. Several reviews, many Facebook posts, and I did not hear much push-back about the style. Positive or negative for sales?

Would something more traditional in content and style sold better? Or did I sell nearly 1,400 of these BECAUSE Tales of Fear is different?

Marketing that worked

Video. I leaned more on the video than I have in the past to communicate the book to potential readers, mainly because of the non-traditional artwork. I wanted to be sure customers knew exactly what they were getting into.

I have been studying previous videos done for Indie Comics books and found attention wanes if your video is too long. I’m trying to keep them down below a minute, now, with lots of movement.

Free Music. Free music from the soundtrack band Star Destroyer gave me even more to offer readers and more to talk about.  People like free stuff. Did you download your free music? https://www.facebook.com/STRDSTR

Chat Rooms. I’m a bit out of my element here, but passed word along. Posters can recognize marketing pretty easy, and that’s not what they’re there for, so just be friendly and work into what they’re talking about. This is a place where the free music, and a free poster download, earned me some cred.


Anyone looking through Indie Comics Magazine Presents numbers can conclude that larger books have a greater chance of being financially successful than smaller books, because you can charge more for them (Remember the 10 cents a page rule).

I’d put our 64 page, $6.49 Indie Comics Magazines up against the big boys’ 20 page, ad filled, $2.99 books any day.

Of Aazurn’s eight Indie Comics books, Tales of Fear #1 sold fourth, slightly below Indie Comics Magazine #2 and well above the lower selling books.

Of course, the Indie Comics books have eight creators working together to hit their fan base for sales. From that standpoint I did phenomenal on this solo book!

A very large thank you goes out to everyone who pre-ordered Tales of Fear #1, I appreciate your support, and hope you enjoy the read! An even louder shout-out to those who invested in Affordable Showcase Ads — 1,369 is a sizable audience for your message!

Up next

Indie Comics Horror #2 is in April’s Previews. Will our best selling Indie Comics book of all time continue to sell above 1,600 copies? Will the larger size, 48 to 64 pages, help or hurt sales? Will the full page ad in Tales of Fear #1 send readers to this book?

Indie Comics Magazine #7 is looking for two more contributors! We have a strong lineup so far — will we fill up so we can take advantage of the momentum created by the two previous books? Submissions info at http://www.aazurn.com/ICM.html

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