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Find Kelley Green

Part of the beauty of any art form is that it can at times surprise expectations.  Some works of art, in this case, a webcomic, go beyond their genres, their medium and the expectations of readers.  Find Kelley Green does all of these and shows exactly what a great online comic is capable of.  The writing is referential and inventive and the art is cartoonish in a way that both kids and adults can be enamored with it.  Find Kelley Green could have quite easily fallen into being exactly what was expected of it but in the end, it’s a really good read with heart.

Find Kelley Green, written and drawn by Sarah Banning is set in a private school with two of its more unusual students and their animal/monster/strange friends as the main characters.  While it at times feels very Alice in Wonderland, this essence is passing, like the hint of some flavor that adds to the overall experience of reading Find Kelley Green.  The easy version of this story would be that the headmistress of the school would be a crotchety old woman but instead, she is quickly established as a light-hearted and caring woman.  It’s details like this that make Banning’s writing smart and self-aware.

Banning’s art is wonderful.  She has obviously studied her craft long and hard and works in animation.  Her page and panel layouts all have a wonderful sense of dynamism and progress the story nicely.  Banning also has an incredible eye for character design.  Her humans are only slight exaggerations of real people that we all know and love in the real world and in some other well crafted story that we can’t quite put our fingers on but still love never the less.

Find Kelley Green is a sad but optimistic webcomic about youth, imagination, creativity and it is an excellent read for all ages.

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