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So, here I am 4 hours before the start of 2013 and I have to write a post about indie comics that will go live tomorrow morning at 6 A.M. However, I’m a couple glasses of wine and some tacos in and all that I can think about is watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin spouting pointless, lovely silliness and my own launch of the new MagnificentCreatures.com site.  So what am I to do?  Well, instead of reviewing yet another awesome indie comic, talking about my own relation to that title and writing something snipey about The Big 2, I’m going to talk a little about New Years Resolutions and some Thank Yous to the peeps that have made this site possible.

So, if you’re thinking about getting into comics, now is the time to resolve that you are going to do it.  It’s a great time to just go for it.  Maybe your goal is to one day work for The Big 2 and maybe your goal is just to write some good, competent stories but either way, give it a try.  Now, if you’re already “in” indie comics, now is the best time to decide how big your splash in the following year is going to be.  Published one book this year?  Publish 2 next year, start an comics blog next year, whatever it takes, do sometime more than you did last year.  The changing of the new year is a great excuse to start the ball rolling toward something new.

OK, now for the Thank Yous.  There are several writers and artists and editors that made this site possible in 2012:

Astra Price
Ryan Archer
Andrew Owens
Richard Hamilton
Sheika Lugtu
Heather Kenealy
Jared Lindenberg
Lloyd Wilson
Carl Dancy
Julia Glosemeyer
Dijon Prude
Bryan Glosemeyer
All of the awesome writers whose books we’ve reviewed
All of the amazing artists whose books we’ve reviewed
All of the super cool creators we’ve interviewed
All of the incredible creators and publishers how have sent us their 3-Page Previews, press releases and other general news

OK, it’s about to be a new year in one time zone or another, so I have to go. Honestly, sincerely, thank you all very much for reading the site and telling all your friends to check us out.

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