Harvest from Image Comics, Someone Had to Do It Eventually Right?

Harvest from Image Comics

Harvest from Image Comics

In hindsight, I’m shocked that this is the first comic book that I can recall referencing such a  wonderful urban legend.  Remember all that spam you received several years ago where your friends and family were fearing that one day they or you would end up in a bathtub of ice, missing some very important internal organ?  Well, yeah, Harvest from Image Comics actually uses that as part of the plot.  Wow.  Brilliant.

Harvest reminds me of one of those AMC or HBO over the top dramas where a sad, normal but otherwise likable guy finds himself knee-deep in a bad situation where he is forced to do horrible things to hopefully, one day drag himself back to a normal life – you know, like Breaking Bad.  Harvest is dark, violent and explicit.  There are vicious scenes of gunshots and explicit drug abuse – again, this reminds me of Breaking Bad – remember that scene from the first season where the tub full of liquid human falls through the floor?  Harvest has that kind of shocking intensity.

So, is Harvest as good as Breaking Bad?  Based on the first issue, not yet.  It’s definitely over the top and extreme; it certainly has some interesting and amusing details that make it unique and gripping.  But the main characters are just not as developed, even just comparing the first issue vs. first episode.  Dr. Benjamin Dane is not as as honestly driven as Walter White or as brilliant and bumbling as Jesse Pinkman.  But, Dane and Harvest do have the potential to be as good and as interesting as something as good as Breaking Bad

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