Identity Comics Unveils Their Inaugural Genre Bending Anthology, “Verge”



Official Press Release

LOS ANGELES – Imagine one more comic book company, and imagine this company as awesome.

Founded by a comic industry pro, Lars Canty, and professional screenwriter, Phillip Kelly, Identity Comics isn’t your run of the mill, superheros in spandex, saving the world assembly line. It’s off-beat, violent, eccentric. Lars and Phillip defy genres, and Verge #1 is the dawn of their ideal comic world. With all new original stories by the founders and a handful of extremely talented up-and-coming artists, Verge #1 features four distinct stories:

Concrete Shoes, with a story by Lars and Phillip and art by Penguins vs. Possums’ fame, Sebastian Kadlecik, follows a Private Detective in a neo-noir, cyberpunk world who becomes entangled in a situation involving an ex-mafia hitman, half covered in concrete. This concrete monster has seemingly come back from the dead to wage war against the most dangerous crime family in the US. Brutality and violence drive the story that is less about revenge and redemption and more about might makes right.

El Fantasmo, story by Lars and Phillip, with art by David R. Flores from Dead Future King, follows Mateo, a young boy from a village in Columbia, who sacrifices everything to save a helpless rat from his plague infected, fanatical villagers. In return he is imbued with mystical abilities that allow him to live with the disease and become a Lucha Libra fighter for the people, against all forms of corrupt rule.

The Girl Made of Ice, story by Phillip with art by children’s book artist Ashley Lanni Hoye, is a science fiction, horror story about a 13-year-old girl who accidentally releases the most dangerous sociopaths and war criminals in the Universe from their icy cages on Earth. She must now stop the havoc, destruction, and death that she is responsible for unleashing.

The Sheet, with story and art by Lars, this is the most eccentric and mind-bending of the bunch. A living, breathing, cognizant bed sheet (via scientific experiment) is loosed onto the world. Part superhero satire, part ultra violent crime farce, this is sure to make any reader squeal with joy.

Lars highlights their testament to excellence, “We set out to create something unique, that doesn’t pander to readers, while still being highly entertaining, we’ve given Verge #1 that perfect balance.”

Phillip adds, “Don’t forget, reader’s opinions on past issues and stories can directly influence where our stories go. Be vocal. Find us on-line. Get in on the conversation.” If readers wish to have a say in how these stories unfold, find the facebook group, Identity Comics Fan Feedback Group, or email the Verge Inbox after you read issue one!

Verge #1, with 4 variant special edition covers, goes on sale Monday December 16th with a price tag of $3.99: – Cover A – Cover B – Cover C – Cover D – Collector’s Box Set All 4 covers

Also follow us on facebook, twitter, or the Identify Yourself blog to see where our issues might pop up at comic stores around LA and the country, what festivals we’ll be hitting, what other products are available, and to see when Verge #2 and other comic news might be revealed.

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  1. stacy_g
    Posted January 25, 2014 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    I really liked the first issue. They guy that draws Pengins vs, Possums illustrated the first story.

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