Oh Hell, I Wanted More, It’s a Webcomic?

Oh, Hell Online Comic

Oh, Hell Online Comic

Oh, Hell reminds me that the world of indie/online/web comics is exciting. It’s an exploration space, the never-ending imagination of creative minds that often struggle to generate the same excitement that I had the first time I read certain comics back in the day. Based on the teaser Oh, Hell, is… well, a Hell of an attempt to create a new Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or even Hogwarts.  George Wassil’s writing of Michael Connell’s world establishes some interesting twists on these archetypes for Dave Hamann to draw and it makes for a fun comic so far.

Oh, Hell starts with the introduction of what promises to be a cantankerous protagonist, Zoel and her arrival at The Academy, a boarding school that is literally hellish.  Wassil quickly establishes that there will be no holds barred in terms of subject matter, big-horned nasties and dark contemporary fantasy topics with the potential for magic and otherworldly fun.  By the end of the teaser, Zoel finds herself in a position she may never have seen before, humbled.

Hammann’s art in Oh, Hell is at least as good if not better and more contemporary than much of the art found in the The Big 2 these days.  His style is reminiscent of some of the stuff that Devil’s Due Entertainment and Image Comics are doing – specifically Ryan Ottley’s dynamic work on Invincible.  His page and panel layouts both show a nice sense of design and sequential storytelling and will look great when Oh, Hell goes to print.

Oh, Hell is a sexy read and it’s surprising that it hasn’t been picked up already by a bigger publisher but what’s more surprising is that it can be read for free, right now on the internet.

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