Pariah, MO’s Marketing Kickstarter Correctly

Pariah, MO

Pariah, MO

I first discovered Pariah Missouri through its Kickstarter page where it looked like a comic that had some serious potential.  The images were beautiful, the creator, Andres Salazar boasted having worked with comics legend, Howard Chaykin and the Kickstarter presentation really seemed to know what it was doing.

Pariah Missouri’s Kickstarter page hadmultiple videos, engagement with the audience through regular updates, strong pledge options as well as a nifty, free 20 page downloadable PDF that served to advertise the Kickstarter project.  Finally getting around to reading the PDF for review, I am kicking myself wishing that I’d read it earlier so that I could have pledged and gotten the goodies to come out of it.

Obviously Pariah Missouri’s Kickstarter bid was doing something right, they got funded.  In fact, they more than doubled what was needed to be successful – a “mere” $2000.  Kickstarter projects often immediately come out of the gates behind by asking for large sums of money.  Even with notable references for the creator, Pariah asked for a relatively small amount which meant that it could not only get that amount but easily surpass it and keep building, meaning that all of those who pledged get extra goodies.  This incentive of a low, easily attainable goal with big perks for the pledgers means they are not only more likely to back the project because it’s looks good but because they are themselves more invested, more likely to get big for their money.

What pledgers get for their money is another place where Pariah Missouri succeeded.  They promise copies of the finished book early.  In fact, the “cheapest” option, $10 gets the pledger a PDF copy of the book with other perks.  PDF copies of books are easy – a PDF is generally created going to the printer so that means little or no extra work going into providing pledgers with some great material.  At $15, the pledger is already getting a signed copy of the printed book with still more extras.

$15 is by the way, the amount I wish that I had pledged – it’s essentially the amount that I pay for most graphic novels, I would have gotten some extras and I would have been able to support one more indie comic book creator.  Next time, I’ll not be so likely to hesitate my pledging, especially with Andres Salazar at the helm and now I have to watch for Pariah Missouri in the local comic book store and conventions.

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