Princeless Returns in this Month’s Previews



Official Press Release

Princeless is back!  And with the encore edition, it’s better than ever.

As many of you know, Action Lab has had some fantastic successes of late with the release of Jeremy Dale’s “Skyward” and the impending drop of Jamal Igle’s “Molly Danger” and the first volume of “Vamplets”.  However. as fewer of you may know, our first big success was Princeless.  Despite being nominated for two Eisner Awards and winning three Glyph Awards, Action Lab was still a fledgling company and a lot of shops and readers could never get their hands on the first volume.  The first volume has been out of print for a good portion of 2013, even as volume 2 hit the shelves.  But now we’re changing that.

In the September issue of Diamond Previews which you can find this week in your comic shops, Princeless Book 1 Issue 1 is available for the first time in nearly two years.  And, we’re selling it for $1 in an all new Encore Edition.  Get all the content from the original issue 1, plus a special introduction from series creator Jeremy Whitley.  This is the perfect opportunity for new readers to be introduced to the story from the very beginning and for retailers to carry a great book for all-ages with little to no financial risk.

And best of all, Action Lab will also be releasing issues 2, 3, and 4 at their new and improved $2.99 price point.  Better yet, this will be followed by the first release of “Princeless Volume 1: Save Yourself” as a full-sized trade paperback and the re-release of the full sized “Princeless Volume 2: Get Over Yourself” trade paperback in March.  And as if that weren’t enough, it all culminates in the beginning of Princeless Volume 3 in April.

Action Lab hopes you’ll pre-order Princeless #1 from your September catalog and join us, because this November release marks the start of The Year of Princeless.  Check out this.

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