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[October 29, 2013] DUTCH indie publisher R-Comics today announces three new titles in both print and digital formats. Broken Cortex #1, Armageddon #1, and The Program #1 are all available from the R-Comics website – www.r-comics.com – or via ComiXology.

Broken Cortex

Broken Cortex


28 pages, B&W (color cover)

Rodney Roger (writer) and Angel Martínez (artist)

The world has been overrun by zombies… but not just any zombies. These creatures are ‘Necrobots’, a terrifying synthesis of undead monster and cyborg technology. For the planet’s remaining inhabitants they are a relentless, mechanical, flesh-eating nightmare.

Fighting to survive in this horrifying new world are the Thompsons, a dysfunctional family torn apart by petty vendettas, jealousy, betrayal and drug abuse. If they can stop fighting each other for just a minute, maybe they’d have a chance of surviving the Necrobot invasion.

And the only thing that scares this rag-tag bunch more than the rampaging Necrobots? Those responsible for the outbreak in the first place.

Buy from: R-Comics store: Digital 99c/Print $2.99; ComiXology: 99c



ARMAGEDDON #1 (of 6)

36 pages, full color
Rodney Roger, Luis M Cruz (writers) and Niño Cajayon, Federico Dalman, Andres Peña (artists)

Armageddon, the first soldier of Lucifer, is preparing to raise hell on Earth… but if he thinks mankind is going down without a fight, he is very much mistaken. A new superhero team has been assembled and is ready to strike back… HARD!

See the apocalyptic drama unfold in three fantastic stories.

Buy from: R-Comics store: Digital $1.99/Print $4.99; ComiXology: $2.99

The Program

The Program

THE PROGRAM #1 (ongoing)

28 pages, full color

Mike Harrington (writer/artist) and Aljosa Tomic (colors)

Hunter, Aspen, Ichi, Obelisk, Weaponeer and Divine. Six new recruits. Rookies. Raw. Inexperienced. Maybe even a little scared.  But they have been trained in the rigorous Program and are now ready to serve as soldiers in the Gaal Defense Force (GDP).

Under the leadership of Commander Ichiru Sanichi, their first mission is simple – to capture and neutralise the monstrous being known as Cyclonus Namura and his army of cybernetic warriors. No pressure then…

Buy from: R-Comics Store: Digital 99c/Print $4.50; ComiXology: $1.99

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