Recollection, An Indie Noir Tragedy



Writer Rodney Roger and artist Ferry Ickhwano valiantly take a shot at the noir genre in their indie comic, Recollection.  Published by R-Comics, Recollection has all of the necessary tropes to make it noir:  a lead that is hard-drinking and tragic, a sexy stripper with a heart of gold and a horrible past and a storyline that can’t end with anyone happy.  Recollection sounds like it has everything it needs.

While Recollection does have all of the base noir details down, it still comes off as missing something to make it special, something new.  Roger’s dialogue is a little stiff, maybe a little too much of what is expected and that’s exactly the problem with Recollection.  It has everything that a reader should expect from a noir story but there are no details that go that extra inch and make it transcend the genre. Roger also pushes the story a little too quickly as well, forcing Ickhwano to put too much in a single page, maybe too much in a single issue.

While the writing of Recollection is a little lacking, Ickhwano’s art is the high point of this book.  He does a great job of incorporating all of the details that Roger writes into a single page with often unconventional panel layout that shows a strong, smart sense of design and storytelling.  While Ickhwano’s stylized lines are a little stiff at times, he does a great job of making his characters unique and emotive and his page layout skills make his action sequences dynamic and forceful.  Ickhwano makes Recollection worth checking out.

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