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San Diego, CA (July 19, 2013) – Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam teams up with critically-acclaimed, Harvey and Eisner nominated comic-book WRITER Marc Andreyko(Manhunter, Torso, Captain America and Bucky) to reveal just who The Illegitimates are! Announced this week on IDW Publishing’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con International, the explosive new series hits this winter!

When the world loses its greatest (and most promiscuous) super-spy, Jack Steele, a secret international espionage organization has no choice but to call in a new team to save the world, The Illegitimates! With no knowledge of the bond that ties the team together, The Illegitimates are thrust into a seedy world filled with crime, lust, and double-crosses. Each member of The Illegitimates is forced to use their unique skills to overcome their personality clashes and come together as a team.

“When Taran pitched me the high concept, I was hooked! To work with a dear friend on a brilliant idea shaving my cake and eating it, too! I couldn’t be prouder of The Illegitimates!” said enthused co-writer, Marc Andreyko.

Taran Killam says, “One of my favorite genres is the Secret Agent. This comic follows the concept of the super-spy-man-slut to it’s logical conclusion. A funny jumping off point that quickly becomes deadly serious. You’re getting five spies for the price of one! Each with their own personality, perspective and specialized elite espionage-combat skill set. You know, typical dysfunctional family stuff.”

Killam and Andreyko are joined by a super-team of their own with art by Kevin Sharpe (Army of Darkness), and covers provided by the legendary artist Jerry Ordway, as well as Sharpe himself!

The Illegitimates is one of those high concepts ideas that makes you wonder why no one else ever told this story before,” said Chris Ryall, IDW’s Chief Creative Officer/Editor-in-Chief. “But I’m glad they didn’t, since Taran and Marc’s take on this idea is such a well-executed one. Of course an agent with a license to kill might be more concerned with staying alive through the course of his mission than paying attention to what can happen during his many conquests around the world, but that doesn’t mean those trysts won’t still have lasting repercussions, as they do here. The Illegitimates is a very fun, action-packed series we’re very happy to have under IDW’s banner.”

By adding another great creator-owned book to the slate, it’s clear that for fans of adventure comics with a twist, the place is to go is IDW!

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