Tales of Fear #1: Not Your Grampa’s Horror Comic

Tales of Fear #1: Not Your Grampa's Horror Comic

Tales of Fear #1: Not Your Grampa’s Horror Comic

Official Press Release

With an experimental, new illustration style, and plenty of gore, Tales of Fear #1 writer and illustrator Gary Scott Beatty is determined to drag horror comic books into the modern age.

“It’s classic horror modernized for today’s comic readers,” Beatty explained. Tales of Fear #1, available ONLY through pre-order in February at your local or online comic shop, is “six tales of dread that push the boundaries of good taste.”

“Tales from the Crypt was groundbreaking, but that was over 60 years ago,” Beatty explained. “I set out to break away from the mindset that a comic book has to be a Creepy clone to be a horror anthology.”

No one has ever accused Beatty of following the crowd. His Xeric winning Jazz: Cool Birth featured art inspired by ’50s album cover design. Unlike that Jazz style, Beatty’s illustrations for Tales of Fear #1 are computer brushed, nearly photo-realistic. “I returned to my painter training,” said Beatty. “I use today’s computer tools to come up with an in-your-face look well suited to the crime scene documentation demands of grim horror.”

In the story “Zombie Porn,” film producers agree the zombie apocalypse was a good thing for their industry. “Texting both intrigues and disgusts me, so I wrote ‘TXT,’ said Beatty. “The story ‘Crack’ is a prank on the tired haunted house genre.” All six tales are complete in this issue “because readers like me don’t have the patience for those long, meandering plot lines that go on forever!” Beatty laughed. “I like writers who cut the crap and get to the point, so that’s how I wrote Tales of Fear #1.”

Breaking with current, outdated trends doesn’t mean Beatty ignores conventions that work. “I feature a host to introduce the stories, but he isn’t some random creep — he’s integral to the book itself. I’m having a lot of fun with this comic, and readers who agree blowing a zombie’s brains out is fun will enjoy it too.”

A Tales of Fear #1 Video Preview, with a free music offer from the appropriately indie Star Destroyer, is at http://indiecomicsmagazine.com/ While you’re there, accompany Beatty into darkness — join the Aazurn Publishing Email List.

“Readers can see if my illustrations are to their taste,” said Beatty. “I’m sure I’ll get snubbed by traditionalists, but I’d get pretty bored playing it safe, and I’m betting there are comic book readers out there who agree mine is a great style to creep you out.”

Preorder Tales of Fear #1 in February 2013′s Previews comic book catalog, under Aazurn Publishing, at your local or online comic shop. Tales of Fear #1 is ONLY available through pre-order with Diamond Comic Distributors! http://indiecomicsmagazine.com/

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    There’s now a FREE Tales of Fear #1 poster you can download at http://aazurn.com/poster-tales-of-fear.pdf

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