The D’Honneur’Bane, Five Images from 2012

Dale of asked that I provide a post of my five favorite images from 2012 so here they are.  Look for issue one of The D’Honneur’Bane to appear at WonderCon 2013 if all goes as it is planned.

B'Lynn by Jared W Lindenberg

B’Lynn by Jared W LindenbergB’Lynn

This is without a doubt the main character of The D’Honneur’Bane. An abused, soon to be orphan. As the narrator, she is the central focus of the series, and with this piece I felt as though I really captured the sense of utter lost innocence that she embodies at the beginning of the series. This piece was done with brush and ink, my favorite medium.

D'Fin'Amere profile by Jared W Lindenberg

D’Fin’Amere profile by Jared W Lindenberg

This is a character study for my series The D’Honneur’Bane. The D’Fin”Amere is the second main character in the series, B’Lynn’s rescuer. This is the first time that I nailed the warrior look that I really wanted to convey, somewhere between tragic loner and intimidating badass! This was also done with brush and ink.

D'Fin"Amere With Sword by Jared W Lindenberg

D’Fin”Amere With Sword by Jared W Lindenberg

What can I say, another fantastic shot illustrating the warrior’s creed as utterly paramount to his character. In the series The D’Honneur’Bane, this is the archetype warrior, considered by most to be something almost elemental, and evil. As with the previous pieces, this one was done with brush and ink, series 7 #3, and FW black ink.

Hug by Jared W Lindenberg

Hug by Jared W Lindenberg

As a soon to be Father, this one is one of my favorites because it captures what this series is all about. Hopefully, less dramatically, it also emulates the relationship I’ll one day have with my Daughter. Again, brush and ink.

Ra'Jinjet'Na by Jared W Lindenberg

Ra’Jinjet’Na by Jared W Lindenberg

The Ra’Jinjet’Na are a warrior race in the series The D’Honneur’Bane who are not to be trifled with, and play a very large role. This particular Ra’Jinjet’Na shall remain unknown for now, but I think it really captures the pride of the race. My favorite part of this piece is the detail I was able to put into her hair. Again, illustrated with brush and ink.

All illustrations by Jared W Lindenberg
D’Honorsmane Productions

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