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Salt Lake City

September is already off to a rousing start. We just got back from a week in Utah at the first ever Salt Lake City Comic Con. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When we headed out, the big news was that the show had pre-sold 25,000 tickets. Well, that marker got trampled and surpassed. When all was said and done, there were close to 80,000 attendees – on Saturday alone – at the show. In its first year. We made a TON of new fans.



Tumble Creek Press had a booth and I spoke on five different panels, two of which I moderated. I remember Friday evening, a girl came up to the booth with her father. She was rocking a gnarly zombie gash on her face so I handed them a flyer and told them they should come to the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ panel that night. The dad said, thanks, but they were already over there and had been turned away. The line was so long there was no way they would get in. I was all, “Really? That’s my panel!” The ‘Strong Female Protagonist’ panel also had to turn people away. I do believe all of the panels were videotaped though. I’ll put up links once I get them so any SLCC attendees (as well as any of you who might be curious) can see them.

13: The Interviews

We’ve shot 17 episodes of the web series so far! There’s still a ton of post-production to do, plus 9 more episodes to shoot. Also, the series now has a logo! It was designed by Fiona Anavi of Anavi Ink. Fiona also created the logos for Tumble Creek Press, Tumble Creek Books, and all of the “13″ logos.

I’ve been enjoying writing and directing in this medium immensely. It’s also been great to open up the “13″ universe. The “13: The Interviews” Facebook page has been up for a while. There’s an official “13: The Interviews” site as well. It’s being added to daily, so please stop by and look around. If you’re so inclined, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

13: Volume One

“13: Volume One” is back in stock! I did a bunch of shows in the early summer. That plus online orders wiped out our inventory, but the trade paperback for “13″ is now available again. Please pick it up and tell all your friends to do likewise.

Latino Author Summit

In less than two weeks I’ll be speaking at the Latino Author Summit. In addition to author signings they have two panel tracks: becoming an author and preparing for college. I’ll be speaking on the “Writing in Multiple Genres” panel as well as the “Financing College” panel. I’ll send out more info on that in a few days.


I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon. Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging me to do this and have given me insight as to how I might have the most successful campaign. I believe I have the knowledge base and resources to pull off a conservative first time effort.

That’s all for now. Fall is nearly here and with it will come even more announcements and developments. Thanks for reading!

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