Where the Witches Lurk is Twisty Horror

Where the Witches Lurk

Where the Witches Lurk

There are several sub-genres of horror – many of which are based on the way the plot goes. Writer Joe Pezzula’s Where the Witches Lurk is one of those stories that is all about the unexpected twist that happens somewhere near the end, where the hero somehow becomes the monster or it turns out that the character had so far been portrayed as the hero actually turns out to be something very scary.  You know, that Twilight Zone feel.

There are no spoilers about Pezzula’ story so far, just an establishment of what kind of story it is so that it can be understood, just how difficult a proper execution can be.  And Pezzula handles this plot twist very well with Where the Witches Lurk.  To start, the title and cover give a sense of what can potentially be expected.  But more importantly, there is a sense of dark humor that is pervasive throughout the entire story.  This sets an excellent tone for the reader and let’s them expect any twist or turn.

To go right alongside Pezzula’s capable writing, Donny Gandakusuma handles art with Where the Witches Lurk and he appropriately keeps it dark and gloomy.  Of particular note is the way that he handles expressions on the faces of witches, girl scouts, a door to door salesman and a bag full of dogs and cats.  Gandakusuma also does a great job with suspense and surprise in a story where these two elements are absolutely necessary.  Gandakusuma also has some fun with panel to panel progression in both action as well as the lack of action – when you read the story this will make more sense.

Anyway, Where the Witches Lurk is an interesting read and well worth the twist in the end.

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  1. Posted April 5, 2013 at 1:22 pm | Permalink

    Great article!
    But I didn’t write it. Joe Pezzula did.

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