X #2 Review



In the blood soaked pages of the second issue of X, the carnage continues unabated. The beginning of the issue held such promise, but by pg.17, all became frighteningly clear. As always, Nguyen’s illustrations are still just as potently visceral in their depiction of Kinetic violence. Unfortunately, so are Swierczynski’s depictions of vigilante infringement.

As I mentioned in my review of #0, as long as this book never, ever, jumped the ever looming Punisher shark, all would be grand (in a guilty pleasure sort of way). Sadly folks, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Mr. Berkshire bares an unmistakably striking resemblance to Mr Castle’s arch-nemesis, Billy “The Beaut” Russo; AKA: Jigsaw.

Simply put, any question that this wasn’t a Punisher comic in disguise were just obliterated. How sad that a book endeavoring to break the mold and produce something original, in a genre crippled by carbon copy versions of the same rehash, should stoop to such blatant derivative.

What a bummer!


X #2 Review

by Jared W Lindenberg

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