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Dale Wilson is the Editor-in-Chief and founder of, co-founder of DWAP Productions, head publisher at and a Creative Editor at The Search Agency. He is obviously busy all of the time but he seems to like it because he keeps coming back for more. Dale has a BA in Literature and Language with a minor in religion from Webster University in St Louis MO where he met his wife, Astra. He and his wife live near Glendale CA with their Pit Bull Mix, Griffin. Dale is Google certified and on weekends, he writes about comic books and publishes them online and in print.

Help Sheikasaurus Rex stay in school! contributor, awesome indie comics creator and college student, Sheika Lugtu is working super hard to stay in school at SAIC and she needs your help.  Sheika makes incredible art and she’s putting her skills up for sale in order to stay in school.  Even if you can’t donate, please share Sheika’s GoFundMe page.  Please […]

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Ghosted is Ocean’s Paranormal

Ghosted is genre-smashing at its best. Stop and think about Ocean’s 11-13 in a haunted house and that’s Ghosted. Ghosted is promising. It’s noir blended with horror. Like something out of the same universe as Brubaker’s Fatale, Ghosted takes two inherently dark genres and makes something new and beautiful – if frightening.

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The Alternative Press Expo Day 02, the Hungover

Day 02 of APE is wrapping up and everyone is already closing down their tables. New acquaintances have been made, friends have been hugged, alternatives have been pressed and the hangovers are settling. At APE, an important lesson the remember is that your materials are not the end product, the creators are. The books and […]

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The Alternative Press Expo Day 01

Day 01 of The Alternative Press Expo is coming to a close and we are all tired/drunk/caffeinated/broke(n) or some combination of all of the above. APE is a great way to see the blue collar reality of comics without all the Hollywood-premiere-glitz and glam of San Diego Comic Con. APE is creators hanging out in […]

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Rat Queens Is an Unedited Dungeons & Dragons Game

Rat Queens is that fantasy all hardcore role-playing-gamers have had. “Man, our games are so cool, we should write them up as a comic book or novel.” The spin on Rat Queens though is that there’s no editing here – for better and for worse. The perk of no editing in Rat Queens is that […]

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Friends and Family, DWAP Productions and will be making an appearance this weekend, October 12 and 13 at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo – APE – TABLE 319.  We will have all of the DWAP Productions books including Caffeine Dreams, Skatepocalypse and Elbis but we will also have more! Tumble Creek Press’ ”MIS//ing.” and 13: Volume […]

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OCT 3, MILWAUKIE, OR— It’s here! New York Comic-Con 2013 is upon us, and Dark Horse Comics is delivering a full slate of signings from your favorite creators!

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