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Julia Glosemeyer is an art critic based in San Francisco. Her articles have been published by eventseekr blog, Art Practical, and Daily Serving. She is an immigrant and a feminist.

The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova

All of the Sparkplug Comic Books titles I’ve gotten so far have been wonderful. The Portland-based publisher has clearly established itself as a home for oddball stories and imaginative styles. One of Sparkplug’s most stunning books is The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova (published in 2008). Make no mistake: Volozova’s collection of tales would be a […]

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Horror Stories by Julia Gfrörer

I got intrigued by Julia Gfrörer‘s work last year, when I picked her book Flesh and Bone at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo. Published by Sparkplug Comic Books in 2010, it is a macabre, mature-readers-only story about a charismatic devil-worshipping witch. I was impressed by the Portland-based artist’s talent for dynamic storytelling, as well as […]

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APE 2011 in San Francisco – Review

The words “Alternative Press Expo” still hold kind of a heroic aura. You could think it was a barely legal rowdy-dowdy event where you could procure anti-government pamphlets, banned books, zines about the most demented music, et cetera. At first glance APE (which actually centers around indie comic books) would seem like a more vegetarian […]

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Wrapping My Brain Around The Beautiful Future

At Wondercon 2011, I purchased two small drawings by Iva Sasheva, based on her “The Beautiful Future” project with Dale Wilson. I was attracted to the drawings’ charming “art deco” style, which conveys a sense of twentieth-century optimism – a fascination with speed, a desire to break through space. Afterwards I discovered the comic and […]

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Coloring Book??!! – DWAP Productions Published Donovan Vim Crony’s EMPOWERED: Champions of Legacy City

Coloring book!! If Last Gasp can sell those things, then why can’t DWAP Productions??.. We’re all for wonderful alternatives. If your principle of “buy indie!!” extends to family-oriented stuff, then this new item is for you. And better still, it’s righteous – the characters of the coloring book (called “Empowered: Champions of Legacy City”) are […]

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