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Its happened there before. Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. His own fault for not doing due diligence as a competent manager would. If theyre so proud and confident about this woman, why are they clamming up when asked direct, simple questions about how someone like her, with her support for abortion and gay marriage, is qualified to be president of a Catholic school? Bishop Oscar Cant of the Diocese of San Jose and the schools board of regents announced this week that Latanya Nailah Hilton, a Mitty alumna and former administrator, will be returning to her alma mater to serve as the schools new president starting July 1, 2021. They wont be able to sweep it under the rug. Laymen work very hard, with many sacrifices, to have the money to send their kids to Catholic school, for the Faith what a horrible thing to do to Catholic parents and their kids. Arent these geniuses. It meets quarterly and advises the President. The school was named for the late Archbishop John Joseph Mitty, the fourth Archbishop of San Francisco, who was both an educator and a builder. It meets quarterly and advises the President. I was alone in this so it was hard. As a Mitty alumna, a wife, mother, and social justice warrior with deep family roots in education, I will serve this community with a continued commitment to faith, healing, justice, equity, and most of all, compassionate leadership. Archbishop Mitty High School is now officially uncatholic. What are his Catholic school parents supposed to think?? Bishop Cant stated, Ms. Cell: 669-309-7222 | In addition, the President maintains the relationship between the school and its publics; insures the ongoing Catholic identity of the school; supervises the Director of Campus Ministry; and facilitates the operations of the schools Board of Regents. Bishop Oscar Cant of San Jose said in a November 10 statement that the appointment, effective July first of next year, has his full blessing and support., Hilton is founding ambassador of The Ambassadors Circle, a San Francisco-based media and marketing corporation. The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. He leaves that up to the lay administration. The most common ethnicity at Archbishop Mitty HS is White (51%). A religion teacher and deacon promotes gay marriage. But I was not allowed to wear anything over my graduation gown that celebrated my Irish heritage because that was white culture. In 1990, Bishop DuMaine appointed Mr. Timothy Brosnan as the first lay principal to continue the fine tradition of Catholic secondary education at Archbishop Mitty. The Most Reverend Oscar Cant of the Diocese of San Jose and the Board of Regents of Archbishop Mitty High School are pleased to announce that Latanya Nailah Hiltonhas been named the next President of the school, effective July 1, 2021. After conducting a national search and weighing feedback from the Mitty community, the search committee and board of regents found Hilton to be the kind of visionary leader they were seeking, according to a statement from the Diocese. Welcome to the "virtual" community of Bishop Lynch High School. I would also like to thank Kate Caputo for serving as the interim President while retaining her position as Principal during what has been and continues to be an extraordinary year. But most blame lies with Mr. Brosnan, who just retired as president of the school. The rigorous, college preparatory curriculum . Through its rigorous academic program, the School prepares students for college and for responsible leadership in a . college preparatory school, where students achieve at the highest levels and matriculate to the finest colleges and universities in America. MeganBut if they claim to be Catholic, even thought they are independent, he is Bishop. 5000 Mitty Way Construction of the school began in 1963, and when completed, the campus occupied its present twenty-four acres. The diocese owns the school and the land. Archbishop Hanna retired March 2, 1935, due to ill health and advancing age. Key Players: 1976 Archbishop Moeller High School Linebacker Bob Crable was tough to stop in high school. Representatives at the bishops office and Archbishop Mitty High School did not respond to requests for comment. Please join me in welcoming Latanya Nailah Hilton to our Diocese and our community. This wont go away. Now comes word from a Cal Catholic reader that the high school has other problems: - The school's Resources for Anti-Racism contain a section on Gender Fluidity. If there isnt a retraction issued within two weeks (give them some time because of the Thanksgiving holiday), if she ultimately gets to keep the job, then Mitty and Bishop Cantu are complete frauds. Initially, brothers and priests of the Society of Mary (Marianists) were given responsibility to conduct the school. The article suggests donating to abortion funds and volunteering as an abortion clinic escort. The Associate Principal oversees the academic departments of English, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts; supervises the Athletic Director; evaluates the program of instruction; promotes curriculum development; and chairs the school's Legacy Committee. Consolidation of the three schools was completed by the fall of 1972. They thought they had won the woke diversity lottery by hiring a black woman; now they have to explain how a pro-abort, pro-homosexual marriage militant is going to be president of a Catholic high school. 5000 Mitty Way Mitty has always held a special place in my heart, and it is with deep appreciation and humility that I accept this opportunity. Through its committees, the Board assists in strategic planning and policy development. They are all Joe Biden cultural Catholics there. Now well see whether Bishop Cantu is made of anything strong. What would the 18+ million aborted babies have to say about this? It is the first and only Diocesan Catholic high school in the Santa Clara Valley. Shocking. President at Archbishop Mitty High School Jeff Petersen Visual & Media Arts Teacher Kristin Byrnes Teacher JoAnn Schilb Creative Director See all employees Updates Archbishop Mitty. If the diocese were honest it would sell the school or merge it with Harker Academy across the freeway and give up any pretense of being Catholic. How could he show his face or preach or have any teaching credibility at all if the new leader of his diocesan high school, whom he has publicly endorsed and praised, publicly supports abortion and gay marriage? This happens all the time in parts of California. Id take it as far to suggest that this school should revoke association with the diocese, return any diocesan assets and commit to its secular identity; rather than the alternative, which is to decry and mock the Catholic faith through its profession of embracing the Catholic educational mission.. Affirmative action, antiracism hiring policies, and diversity quotas run amok. 408.252.6610. In 2018, Bishop Patrick McGrath and Superintendent of Schools Kathy Almazol approved the transition of Archbishop Mitty High School to a president-principal administrative model, and they appointed Mr. 2020. Top Rankings Archbishop Mitty High School is the Catholic, coeducational, college preparatory school of the Diocese of San Jose. Mitty should be removed. James Martin asks bishops if they will deny DeSantis Communion, Bishop Paprocki raises the h word with Cardinal McElroy. Cantu even bother to attend USCCB convocations?? Yes, thank you, Mary Rose. As many of you know, following the retirement announcement last year of Tim Brosnan as President of Archbishop Mitty High School, we established a President Search Committee early in 2020 to conduct an independent nationwide search for the next President of the school, as our only Diocesan Catholic High School. Born into a family of educators, creatives, and activists, she is dedicated to ensuring that mission-driven organizations have the resources they need to advance positive change in todays society. It was the first diocesanCatholic high schoolin the Santa Clara Valley. Archbishop Mitty High School expanded its student body in 1969 and began sharing classes with Mother Butler Memorial High School and St. Lawrence Girls High School. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Of course, now the diocese and school cant rescind the job offer because that would be racist and sexist or something like that. That doesnt excuse Bishop Cantu from approving someone with Mrs. Hiltons views to lead a Catholic school. Archbishop Mitty High School expanded its student body in 1969 and began sharing classes with Mother Butler Memorial High School (on the site of the current Harker School upper school campus) and St. Lawrence Girls High School. Through classes designed to promote critical thinking, students excel in English, Mathematics, World Languages (French, Mandarin, Spanish, and American Sign Language), Performing Arts, Physical Development, Religious Studies, Science, Social Studies, and Visual Arts. "After an altercation that took place during last night's basketball game against Inderkum High School, the CIF has made a ruling that all Archbishop Riordan High School players involved in the fightin any waywill be suspended . She has received numerous awards for her service. Cantu. In 2019, the womens basketball team which included the 2019 Naismith National High School Player of the Year, Haley Jones was named National Champions. What did we do when we were locked down?. When I graduated, I resented how the students of color got to wear stoles of ethnic (Hispanic and African) fabrics and colors during the graduation ceremony. Archbishop Mitty High School | Hall of Fame Parents Students Alumni Apply Give Shop About Mission Graduation Outcomes Mission Statement School Philosophy School History Administration Letter from the President Administrative Structure General Information Calendar Daily Announcements 360 Tour History Alma Mater Hours of Operation Theres hardly a person on that campus who is genuinely Catholic and knowledgeable about Catholic faith. She is a recognized leader in education and social justice advocacy with a passion for Catholic education and its power to develop leaders who will impact the world for good. Thank you Mary Rose for the wonderful, revealing article. Will the Catholic Church end up with some sort of revolution, or split because the poor, suffering, authentic Catholic laymen and clergy are so sick of these kinds of evil persecutions? After conversations with changemakers, influencers and culture creators, we found the common theme was the need for more of us to use our influence to inspire each other to take meaningful action.. The newly completed high school buildings were occupied in April 1965. The faithful deserve answers! I recently stumbled on all that has happened with Mitty in the last 15 years, funny how this comment stuck a nerve. Ha! Get answers! Maggie grew up in the Chicago area and graduated from the University of Missouri with a multimedia journalism degree. Thats how this happened. I offer my prayers and the full support of the Diocese as we continue our strong and collaborative relationship with the Archbishop Mitty community. Under the new administrations leadership, the school entered a period of tremendous academic and co-curricular growth. And even puts up a huge statement of congratulations to this terribly wrong Catholic high school president, right on the front page of his Diocesan website. The school opened in the fall of 1964 with 189 male students, and the first classes of Archbishop Mitty were held on the grounds of the adjacent Queen of Apostles Elementary School. It seemed to work because all the local papers and news media touted how groundbreaking and progressive Mitty was to name its first black woman president. The Council includes each Associate Principal; the Assistant Principal; and the following administrators: The Academic Council meets twice monthly and advises each Associate Principal on matters related to academics. Her wealth of relevant experience, her drive and passion, and her warmth and humilityled us to the conclusionthat she is absolutely the right leader for the school going forward shewill lead us all, with grace, in driving the school to reach even higher levels of excellence in the years ahead,said Johnny Gilmore, President of the Board, and Chair of the Search Committee. I suppose its good that Bishop Cantu finally knows now whats going on at Mitty. Faculty members are in publicly known same-sex marriages. Reporting to the President, this role will help the school embark on its next phase of growth. Maybe you want to let your bishop know when you get your next appeal for money, especially for Catholic education.. She brings a wealth of experience, energy, and commitment to collaboration to this position. Apparently we no longer have a Roman Catholic Church as we no longer have any standards to live by. [November 10, 2020 - San Jose, CA] The Most Reverend Oscar Cant of the Diocese of San Jose and the Board of Regents of Archbishop Mitty High School are pleased to announce that Latanya Nailah Hilton has been named the next President of the school, effective July 1, 2021. The stakes are high, and there is no better time for current and future students to know that each and every single one of us has the capacity to shatter barriers, contribute at the highest levels, and change the world, Hilton said in a statement. Teachers openly say the Churchs doctrine is wrong and should change. Construction of the school began in 1963, and when completed, the campus occupied its present 24 acres (9.7ha). The announcement of Mrs. Hiltons appointment confirms me in my decision not to support Mitty. He was succeeded as archbishop of San Francisco by John Joseph Mitty.Hanna moved to Rome after his retirement, where he died on July 10, 1944. The Circles statement on Hiltons appointment to Mitty High says she will also remain an integral part of the Founding Circle and provide ongoing strategic direction to the organization.. Students meet rigorous requirements in pursuit of a liberal arts education that is both college preparatory and supportive of the development of the whole person in the Catholic tradition. Whether anything was really accomplished only God knows but you have to fight this. This is so sad. In 2020, the school was named the Cal-Hi Sports School of the Century. This story is a California Catholic Daily exclusive by Mary Rose. Archbishop Mitty is the only college preparatory school in Northern California offering an eight-period schedule that allows students to take a full, college preparatory class load that includes the option to add courses in the arts or take an additional science or mathematics class. KARLO BROUSSARD 1/10/2023, Can I Play Video Games Based on False Gods? San Francisco Bay Area Teaching Experience: -Courses taught: Geometry (August 2017 - Present), PreCalculus (August 2017 - May 2021 . Archbishop Mitty High School has named the first person of color to lead the prestigious San Jose Catholic school in a groundbreaking move months after dozens of alumni spoke out about a culture of racism and discrimination that they said administrators did little to expunge. By Latanya (Johnson '92) Hilton - AMHS President "How's it going? Joseph Illo of Star of the Sea in San Francisco, CA 06 Mar 2022, We dont want Catholic truth, by Fr. The iPads are equipped with electronic books and apps that the students are allowed to use. The company supports liberal issues and businesses divided into what it calls passion areas: Arts & Culture, Criminal Justice Reform, Democracy, Environmental Crisis, Equality & Equity, Health & Wellness, Next Generation, Our Local Community, and Science & Technology. I dont donate to my alma mater. Today, Archbishop Mitty High School is recognized as one of the premier Catholic, college preparatory schools in the United States. The school is named for the late John Joseph Mitty, the fourth Archbishop of San Francisco. The Assistant Principal oversees the ARC Program, the Excel Program, the Counseling Program, campus facilities, and assists with teacher development and evaluation. and some underling again dismissed. More recently, she worked as a vice president for the nonprofit Center for Youth Wellness and was a founder of a media company called The Ambassadors Circle, a diverse and creative collective with a mission statement to do more good.. 1150 North First St.,Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95112 - Phone: Copyright Diocese of San Jose | All Rights Reserved, In these times, my guess is they didnt look much beyond color and gender of applicants. Through her roles in fund development and executive leadership, she has raised over $30 million to support education and nonprofit organizations. Coach Sue Phillips 86 has also been named the national coach of the year by Naismith and Gatorade. Archbishop Mitty High School(commonly known as Mitty) is a private, Roman Catholichigh schoollocated in San Jose, California, United States. Money talksyoull never receive another dime.Good luck with raising money for this school. The Administrative Council meets biweekly and serves to advise the President and the Principal. Catholic schools will not change until bishops are willing to terminate and not hire those who dissent from the teachings of the Catholic Church. Other social media posts still up at press time include an article from Planned Parenthood in honor of Trans Awareness Week about how be gender-inclusive in speech, Planned Parenthoods YouTube video introducing Leana Wen, ways to help elect Democrat Stacey Abrams in Georgia, and an invitation to an event hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. 1150 North First St.,Suite 100 San Jose, CA 95112 - Phone: Copyright Diocese of San Jose | All Rights Reserved. He trusted their judgment. So for damage control they gave the job of school president to the person you see pictured, with obvious color and gender qualifications that would help put out the fire of the image crisis. Supporting this dramatic growth was a massive expansion of the campus facilities, allowing all aspects of the campus community academic, spiritual, and co-curricular to grow to their full potential. Location: Cincinnati, Ohio. Consolidation of the three schools was completed by the fall of 1972. Hilton has been a member of Mittys newly established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee since its creation over the summer. Shame on the entire diocese and everyone who had a role in this decision. This fake Catholic school is a horrendous moral and spiritual danger to the students it should be closed, and the Catholic title and the name of Abp. A diocesan high school in San Jose, Archbishop Mitty High, has named Latanya Nailah Hilton, a supporter of abortion and homosexual marriage, as its new president. QB Tim Koegel. Qualified students are enlisted as members of the academic honor societies in recognition of the achievement and in service to others. Keep up the pressure on the school and the bishop. Did no one on Mittys board of directors or search committee bother to ask her questions or research Ms. Hiltons past and her ideological commitments that dont square with Catholic faith or education? Hilton is a recognized leader in education and social justice advocacy with a passion for Catholic education and its power to develop leaders who will impact the world for good, Cant said in a statement. They even would utilize their school fundraiser in defaming former President Trump out of sheer vile hatred (funny because the school teaches love (sodomy) as a virtue, yet they cant love their own enemy (he aint *my* enemy though!)). The Deans of Students administer the schools attendance and discipline systems; establishes and maintains practices that promote campus safety and student well being; and maintains the schools relationship with the local neighborhood. Hilton has 20+ years of experience with Archbishop Mitty. As of the 20122013 school year, Archbishop Mitty High School was one of the first in America to give Apple Inc. iPad tablet computers to all students and teachers. Luckily, I found Roosh V and converted to Orthodoxy in my senior year (I cant wait to be baptized!). Hilton is a recognized leader in education and social justice advocacy with a passion for Catholic education and its power to develop leaders who will impact the world for good. I invite you to explore our site to learn more about our programs, history, Catholic identity and much more. Money talks. Couldnt agree more Megan. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. Following Tim Brosnan's retirement in late 2020 after 30 years of service, Bishop Oscar Cant appointed Mrs. . And, to think that Bishop Thomas Daly was the auxiliary bishop here not long ago. As a proud alumna (1992), she returned as an Administrator (2004-2012), serving in the roles of Director of Admissions, Assistant Principal, and Executive Director for Advancement. Supporting this dramatic growth was a massive expansion of the campus facilities, allowing all aspects of the campus community academic, spiritual, and co-curricular to grow to their full potential. She has been an engaged alumnus, including serving on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee of the AMHS Board of Regents. He cannot claim ignorance any longer, and this decision is directly his. The President, Mr. Tim Brosnan, works closely with the Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese and with the support of the Bishop. Hilton has been a champion for social good and underserved communities for more than 25 years. Archbishop Mitty High School operates under the direction of the Department of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of San Jose. I plan team logistics, cultural events, oversee all "Captains . Welcome to the "virtual" community of Bishop Lynch High School. Archbishop Mitty provides comprehensive student counseling services in support of student personal and academic development. I went to Mitty c/o 2002 and I think this is wonderful. Might as well have Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign come to speak to the students. Hilton has 20+ years of experience with Archbishop Mitty. As a Catholic college preparatory school, Archbishop Mitty requires coursework in English, mathematics, social studies, science, modern language, fine arts, physical education, and religious studies. Stanford College Republicans explains why they invited Matt Walsh to campus, Jessica Tapias barred students with male genitals from girls locker room, 'Safety and acceptance for all identities'. The Search Committee comprised key representatives from the Diocese, the Mitty Board of Regents, faculty & staff, and school parents. She has received numerous awards for her service., Ms. Hiltons appointment is a public scandal, a Mitty High alumnus who wishes to remain anonymous told Cal Catholic. Archbishop Mitty High School was the first Archdiocesan high school in the Santa Clara Valley. - Founded in 1963. Record: 12-0. Therefore, with the Search Committees unanimous recommendation and my full blessing and support, I announce that Ms. Latanya Nailah Hilton is to be appointed as President of Archbishop Mitty High School, effective July 1, 2021. They really didnt see anything wrong at all with hiring a black woman who supports abortion to lead a Catholic school because thats the kind of culture the school has already, and thats what they teach to students. Latanya Nailah Hilton will become the president of. Archbishop Mitty High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school located in San Jose, California, United States. 408.252.6610, Code of Conduct for Employee Interactions with Students, AMPA (Archbishop Mitty Parent Association). 408.252.6610, Code of Conduct for Employee Interactions with Students, AMPA (Archbishop Mitty Parent Association), Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Jorge Helmer, Director of Campus Ministry: Mr. Tim Wesmiller, Director of Student Activities: Mr. Greg Walker, Director of Performing Arts: Mr. Doug Santana, Executive Director of Advancement: Mr. Mason Kimont, Director of Admissions: Ms. Katherine Wesmiller, Chief Informational Officer: Mr. Eric Anderson, Chair of the Counseling Department: Mrs. Tien Menor, Chair of the English Department: Mr. Mick VanValkenburg, Chair of the Mathematics Department: Mr. Matt DePalma, Chair of the Physical Development Department: Mr. Dave Brown, Chair of the Religious Studies Department: Mr. John Mosunic, Chair of the Science Department: Ms. Kate Slevin, Chair of the Social Studies Department: Mr. Graham Oleson, Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department: Ms. Peggy Lemak, Chair of the World Languages Department: Ms. Shelley Hopkins. Evidently murder doesnt. That scared the administration to its core, which is almost entirely white and very susceptible to guilt trip manipulation by vocal minority interests at the school, and they had emergency meetings and revamped their equity, justice and inclusion policies to become more antiracist and they brought in guest speakers to help revamp the English curriculum to add antiracist literature. Archbishop Mitty High School | Athletics Athletics The department of Athletics is committed to enriching campus life through a program of interscholastic athletics and to promoting the development of qualities in the student-athlete that will serve the participating individual and the community. [3] The 20102011 school year was a pilot year when a few select students were given iPads as a test. As one of only a few black students at the school, Johnson found the video . There are endless opportunities and great joy in being a Catholic co-educational school with a curriculum that stretches each student to expand their . All Access Digital offer for just 99 cents! Through its rigorous academic program, the school prepares students for college and responsible leadership in a global society. They dont adhere to the national bishops curriculum for high school religion. kennedy center membership, reaper 2 zanpakuto rarity list,