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Official Press Release LOS ANGELES, CA – July 2, 2013 – After God has abandoned Earth, the seven Archangels are forced to protect humanity against the rising legions of Hell. Can they pull themselves together to defeat Lucifer and his demons, or are they destined to suffer their own fall from grace?

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3-Page Previews: Identity Thief

BuyIndieComics.com reviewed Identity Thief from Fanboy Comics some time ago and here is the 3-Page Previews for it. Enjoy and be pleasantly creeped out. Our main characters, Craig and Daphne, step into their new home. Little do they suspect the horrors that the apartment holds.

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Identity Thief from Fanboy Comics is Just Creepy

As I’ve reviewed before, I was a big fan(boy) of Something Animal by Sam Rhodes, Bryant Dillon, and Robert Burrows, published by Fanboy Comics.  The book had a way with metaphor that made me feel happy about horror in a way that few comic books do these days.  And so it was with eager anticipation and bated […]

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A Look at Fanboy Comics, an Interview with Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes

I have this long list of potential interviewees, all on post it notes, doggedly taped to my desk. I just go down it and contact the next person up. Well, the next perspective creator was someone named Barbra Dillon. She is professional and personable and is in a company called Fanboy Comics along with her […]

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Something Animal, No Vampire Romance

All sparkling aside, remember when vampires were monsters that were more likely to eat a twelve year old girl than romance her?  Remember when vampirism was a metaphor for addiction and dark, difficult emotions?  When you’re ready to come back to that world of deeper meaning and literary concern, read Something Animal.  I bought this […]

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