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3-Page Previews: All Hell Breaks Loose in SHADOWMAN #4

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Shadowman #4 from the acclaimed creative team of Justin Jordan (The Legend of Luther Strode) and Patrick Zircher (Captain America)! The final chapter of Shadowman’s first adventure in the Valiant Universe is almost upon us… Can he survive his first journey through the darkness that is […]

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The Antidote Trust featuring Khalid Birdsong, Jason Bane and BuyIndieComics.com

APE Returns to San Francisco, October 13 & 14! DWAP Productions and BuyIndieComics.com missed having WonderCon in San Francisco this year, so we’re excited to be headed north for APE, the Alternative Press Expo.  San Francisco is a great city to sell indie comics in. The audiences are engaging and friendly and often looking for […]

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Carpe Chaos’ Jailing Fortune: Classic Science Fiction Wonder and Twist

We at BuyIndieComics.com have talked a good bit about Carpe Chaos and its founders, Jason Bane (that’s his real name) and Eric Carter (bearded wonder).  All Magic Cards face up on the table, we consider them sponsors here at our happy place.  And through The Antidote Trust, they are even our partners in conventions and crime – […]

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Pro’s Knows: Eric Carter

1. What is your daily/weekly writing regiment? I don’t have a regular pattern, I just write as needed, communicate online constantly, and document when necessary. It’s really a disorganized mess and I would be a better writer if I wrote fiction regularly. 2. When you write comic books, do you write for floppies (single issues) […]

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Jason Bane, an Interview with the Co-creator of Carpe Chaos

I reviewed the Carpe Chaos book, Ignition, a few months ago. It is a fun and thought provoking read. It left me with a few questions. Well, I got some answers recently when I sat down with the co-creator Jason Bane, who along with Eric Carter created this alien infused universe. Jason and I had […]

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Birth of a Universe: A Review of Carpe Chaos: Ignition

Dale Wilson, the founder of BuyIndieComics.com has given me a wide latitude of what to do with this column. Today I’m going to review a comic from a stack of books that Dale blessed me with, Carpe Chaos: Ignition. This is a fantastic book. The creators, Jason Bane and Eric Carter, have conceived a rich, […]

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The Art of Carpe Chaos, a Kickstarter Project that Needs Your Help

The independent graphic novel series Carpe Chaos has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a concept art book. The team of writers and artists behind the project have amassed thousands of concepts when fleshing out their huge universe, and they are hoping for the chance to share that artwork with fans. The book […]

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