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3-Page Previews: Caffeine Dreams 02 from DWAP Productions

Caffeine Dreams 02, originally released in 2007 was DWAP Productions’ follow-up to their first comic, Caffeine Dreams 01. It’s an anthology featuring 7 different creators. The first story, To Rule in Hell is a twist on the Frankensteinian mythos. The second story, The Tradition tells the story of an warrior and the choices he must […]

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Wednesday Knight’s Haul – Halloween 2012

I write this post several days and relatively healthy after it is dated. I’m a Halloween fan. I grew up loving horror of all kinds with the films as a big part of my youth. And later, I came to see Halloween as a wonderful metaphor for life, society and culture. It means a great […]

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The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova

All of the Sparkplug Comic Books titles I’ve gotten so far have been wonderful. The Portland-based publisher has clearly established itself as a home for oddball stories and imaginative styles. One of Sparkplug’s most stunning books is The Airy Tales by Olga Volozova (published in 2008). Make no mistake: Volozova’s collection of tales would be a […]

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Solar Powered: Off Shoot Comics, Walt, Black Superman

 Hello everyone, I’m Walter.  For a while now, you’ve known me as Black Superman, but for reasons I shall explain in a bit, today, I’m just plain Walter- or Walt, you choose.  So, why did I go with my real name instead my incredibly awesome codename?  Simple, Walter has some incredibly awesome news.   A year […]

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3-Page Previews: Menthu #01

Menthu 01-04, originally published in  2004 by Hometown Productions/Black Inc! Imprints, featured Rashan N’Shanga/Menthu’s inception, taking the young Angeleno from Chicago back to LA, to Africa (Egypt & Uganda) & ultimately to Egyptian legends’ mythic plane of existence, the Khert Neter. At its heart, this well reviewed mini-series was a father-son story. It was also […]

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The Alternative Press Expo – APE – 2012 Day 02

Good comic book conventions are like X-mas. Really expensive and if you’re lucky you walk away with a bunch of cool stuff. This year’s Alternative Press Expo was pretty much in alignment with that – so far. I obviously haven’t read and vetted everything yet but things look good so far. Including the following from […]

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The Drude: Drug-Addled, Rock-n-Rolled, Comic Book Creepy

Omaha Perez and I have been convention buddies for several years now. I really enjoyed his books Bodhisattva and Holmes and when we see each other shows, we always take a second to catch up on life and projects.  So, when he handed me an issue of The Drude, I was both happy for him and […]

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