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Penguins vs Possums #4 Debuts at Comikaze This Weekend!

Official Press Release Issue 4: Internal conflicts threaten to tear the Possum tribe apart as the warrior Zolin attempts to rescue the Possum Chosen One from Penguin clutches.

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IDW Joins The Party At Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Official Press Release San Diego, CA (October 31, 2013) – Over the weekend of November 1st – 3rd downtown Los Angeles will be taken over by one of the fastest growing conventions: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. For IDW’s first appearance at the show, the publisher is bringing along some very special guests and exclusives.

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OMGcow: A Comic Diary – A Personal Story

Imagine, just for a second sharing your most intimate moments with the world.  Not THOSE intimate moments, the ones that are more common and are generally less sweaty.  Sheika Lugtu shares these more common moments on a frequent basis at OMGcow.com.  It’s a comic diary where she pours her heart into smart, heart-wrenching writing and […]

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Forever Freshman, Funny Realism or Realistically Funny

While I never found anything light-hearted about high school, some people apparently have.  Or, it’s their way of dealing with the hell that high school is.  While my high school experience was something more akin to the way Joss Whedon portrayed it in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Neil Segura and Ray Mendivil present their high […]

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I Can Be a Shark by Carolyn Tom, a Creator with a Future

Although I only met her for long enough to have a good conversation about local LA art schools and Art in comics, after reading Carolyn Tom’s I Can Be a Shark, I can only believe that it is a story about some amazingly successful moment in her life.  I hope that it’s just not a […]

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Burger Force, A Comic Book Directed by Jackie Ryan

Just last weekend, I was in San Francisco talking to my writing partner Bryan about different indie comics we’d read and he mentioned Burger Force which he’d bought at the last APE.  He was worried that he’d never get to read the rest of the books and swore that he’d buy them all if the […]

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BuyIndieComics.com is Looking at Comikaze for You

We love to talk to new and old indie creators and we look forward to hearing from you. If you want to talk about your favorite indie title or want to submit something for review or even if you want to talk about other promotion possibilities with us and if you’re going to be at […]

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