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Official Press Release In THE SAVIORS, debuting in December from Image Comics, writer James Robinson (Earth 2, Starman, The Shade) and artist J. Bone (The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror, The Spirit) introduce us to Tomas Ramirez. He has a nice job at a gas station, the cops don’t give him any trouble, and the weather’s nice. […]

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3-Page Previews: Identity Thief

BuyIndieComics.com reviewed Identity Thief from Fanboy Comics some time ago and here is the 3-Page Previews for it. Enjoy and be pleasantly creeped out. Our main characters, Craig and Daphne, step into their new home. Little do they suspect the horrors that the apartment holds.

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The Homeless Channel – Mainstream Comics Needs More Drama

Stop and think for a second about how many different TV shows there are right now and then narrow down the different types of TV shows there are.  You can do the same thing with movies.  There are all kinds of different shows: action, comedy, horror, fantasy, drama – you name it and it’s probably […]

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Man of God #1 – Pessimism at Its Best

I love the genre of horror for its release of anger, frustration, hate, pessimism and disgust – you know, all that stuff we’re told that we should have given up when we were kids but none of us really have.  And I love it even more when creators portray it right: in a new and […]

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Severed #1 Sets The Reader Up for Evil

What makes loss painful? Having had something to lose. This is a basic tenant of great storytelling that is often lost to relying on archetypes and taking a good life for granted. It’s easy to overlook the often considered mundane world as not being worth discussion because losing it would not be all that bad. […]

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