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An interview with Mixtape Creator Brad Abraham

Man, I sure was nervous when I started to do background on this week’s interviewee. Brad Abraham and I had a similar experience with an arc from film school to Indie comic creator. Only his rise was amazingly successful in both fields, where I’ve just plugged along in obscurity. It’s intimidating to interview someone who […]

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Trying to Kickstart a Graphic Novel – Part 1

My name is Chris Lackey. I’m an animator, filmmaker, illustrator and writer. I’m also I podcaster and co-host of the H.P. Lovecraft Literary podcast. I moved from Los Angeles to Yorkshire, England, with my wife, around two years ago. I knew there wasn’t going to be a lot of film and animation work in Yorkshire […]

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The Lovecraft Anthology vol. II from Self Made Hero

A comic book loving friend of mine, Chad Fifer is among other things, a known expert in HP Lovecraft lore. Check out his HPPodcraft.com as proof of that. It was this mastery of the macabre that got Fifer into The Lovecraft Anthology vol II and a trip to Britannia where he snagged a copy of […]

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At the Mountains of Madness from H.P. Lovecraft and SelfMadeHero, My New Friend

I’ve found a new friend in SelfMadeHero.  I first caught wind of them through my buddy Chad Fifer who has some stuff being published by them.  And now, 2 for 2 with At the Mountains of Madness I’ve really enjoyed the stuff their publishing.  You can see the other review of their books that I wrote […]

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