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3-Page Previews: The Arcane Awakening

The Arcane Awakening is ‘X-men meets The Da Vinci Code’. The descendants of ancient angel/human hybrids, or Arcane, long dormant abilities spring to life when Satan appears on earth. God’s army (The Ministry) and Lucifer’s army (The Demonic Blight) battle each other one last time for all the marbles… earth and humanity… winner take all. […]

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Horror Stories by Julia Gfrörer

I got intrigued by Julia Gfrörer‘s work last year, when I picked her book Flesh and Bone at San Francisco’s Alternative Press Expo. Published by Sparkplug Comic Books in 2010, it is a macabre, mature-readers-only story about a charismatic devil-worshipping witch. I was impressed by the Portland-based artist’s talent for dynamic storytelling, as well as […]

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Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 09.19.12

The cupboards are bare. Not a thing to share. I order a lot of books – it’s what I do. I love the comic book medium but specifically I love indie comics but tonight when I walked into Legacy Comics and Cards in Glendale CA, they had nothing for me. As Narut, behind the counter […]

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Trying to Kickstart a Graphic Novel – Part 2

Last week I started blogging about my Kickstarter campaign to get funding to produce and print my graphic novel, Transreality. This week I’m going to tell you about some of my more successful backing strategies, while going over my backer levels and why I chose the pricing and incentives I did. Backer Levels Backer levels are […]

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Clown Fight! – Silent Interlude

Remember that really cool issue of GI Joe that was all silent back in the day?  The one where Snake Eyes sneaks into a Cobra headquarters to rescue Scarlett and he has to fight Storm Shadow along the way?  Yep.  That one.  It was an amazing issue and I remember as a kid thinking that […]

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The New York Five – Another Book About Chicks Already?

Wasn’t it just in 2008 when we had The New York Four, another book only about women? Did we already need another book, just about chicks?  If you can’t smell the sarcasm, yes.  We, as creators and readers needed The New York Five.  There is a limited audience willing to read books about super-powered guys […]

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