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King Conan: Hour Of The Dragon #2 Review

This beautiful book just keeps getting better. Timothy Truman continues to deliver a fast paced, true to the original, adaptation of a Robert E. Howard classic. When I first discovered that Truman was adapting a Conan tale, I rejoiced, thinking that he would be drawing it. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed when I realized […]

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Black Beetle #4 Review

  As the first, and hopefully not the last, story arc in the adventures of The Black Beetle comes to a close, it is stunningly clear that Francesco Francavilla has delivered the goods. Though not as dramatic an ending as one would hope, the story was still a rollicking, rip-roaring, knuckle-sandwich loaded nod to pulp-noir […]

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Mister X #1 Review

  First of all, I have to admit that I was not a member of the cult that followed the adventures of the mysterious Mister X back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. At the time, I was heavily into superhero comics, most notably Batman and X-Men, and Mister X just didn’t pique my interest. After […]

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Happy New Year and Thank You from BuyIndieComics.com

So, here I am 4 hours before the start of 2013 and I have to write a post about indie comics that will go live tomorrow morning at 6 A.M. However, I’m a couple glasses of wine and some tacos in and all that I can think about is watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin […]

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My Comic Book Page Process

As with most comic book artists, I always start with the dreaded thumbnail. I say dreaded because I have never been a fan, much to my former instructor, Joko Budiono’s chagrin. Though I see the value in them as a laying out and plotting device, I generally have the picture in my head and I […]

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Free Comic Book Days

I’m getting geared up for my weekly visit to, Isotope, for new comics day, but this time around there’s an added excitement in the air. What is this excitement I speak of, you might ask? What separates this upcoming visit from the norm? What could possibly make New Comics Day even more exciting? Well, the […]

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Jared Lindenberg Announces Plasticine Grin

A futuristic crime drama, in the latter part of the 27th century, a young Brood Code Assassin known as Felix, struggles with the shortcomings of her outmoded Cyber-Squelch Bio-Electro Membrane (C.B.M.). A career criminal, Felix’s skills have become near-legendary and attract the attention of a shadow corporation which hires her to infiltrate and kill a […]

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