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Jared W Lindenberg tells epic warrior’s tale in The D’Honneur’Bane.

Official Press Release Up and coming writer/illustrator Jared W Lindenberg tackles the first in a series of illustrated novella this winter with the much anticipated release of his warrior’s epic, The D’Honneur’Bane. In the tradition of serialized classic pulp adventure comes the epic tale of a people engulfed in the bane of unrelenting war, clinging to […]

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The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys #2 Review

“These masks used to mean something. Now they are just used to hide who you really are.”  This statement (uttered to Killjoy’s young protagonist by new arrival, Cheri Cola), seems to sum up what this series is really about. An examination of identity masked in a post-apocalyptic, mystery/adventure. Gerard Way and Shaun Simon have definitely […]

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B.P.R.D.: Vampire #4 Review

Wow! If the cover wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, as promised, Mignola and company deliver the goods in a major way with the 4th issue of B.P.R.D.: Vampire. This issue is a powerhouse that smacks you upside the head, and with unwavering preponderance, keeps the blows coming. Whereas the first two issues seemed […]

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X #1 Review

  X gives new meaning to sociopathic maniacal madman—terms usually reserved for the villains in comics. In this series, however, the anti-anti-hero is King, and it’s good to be the King. As with X #0, saying that X is back with a vengeance would be an insult. Nguyen’s illustrated brutality is still so striking it […]

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Abe Sapien #2 Review

    After the pallid first issue, Abe Sapien #2, seems to be finding its footing. One wonders if issue #1 was even necessary, but perhaps, as the series progresses, some light will be shed, and all will be made clear. What is very clear, as of this current issue, is that religion is going […]

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Abe Sapien #1 Reviewed

As I mentioned in my last review of B.P.R.D.: Vampire, I am a huge fan of the Mignolaverse, yet when I first heard that Abe was being given his own ongoing series, I admit that I was apprehensive. Abe’s previous three limited series—The Drowning, The Abyssal Plain, and The Devil Does Not Jest—were great stand […]

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Ra’Blynn Ball Gown

Ra’Blynn, the main protagonist of The D’Honneur’Bane, disguised in a ball gown on her way to assassinate the Emperor. This is a pivotal scene in the Seasons storyline because it is one of three times Ra’Blynn will resort to violence. The first time she kills she does so for survival, the second out of anger, […]

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