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Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire, a Post Completion Contemplation

Summer is a time to catch up on reading.  With a list of that included finishing the complete series of 100 Bullets, Queen and Country and DMZ, I don’t know why I allowed Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire,  to entire my already too large pile.  However, once it was in my hands it was hard […]

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Official Press Release MORNING GLORIES is gearing up for back-to-school! The Image Comics series by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma is prepping for Fall, just like any diligent student of the prestigious Morning Glory Academy, where nothing is as it seems and a failing grade can mean death. The MORNING GLORIES team is getting an […]

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Sweet Tooth, Sweet Storytelling

Sweet Tooth is another book in the recent wall of post-apocalyptic titles.  But it’s Jeff Lemire’s art and storytelling that puts his book at the top of the to-read stack.  His art is by no means mainstream comic book fashion and his characters are quirky, often animal-hybrid mutants but it’s the blend of emotive visuals and […]

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Jeff Lemire’s Lost Dogs, Found Tragedy

Jeff Lemire writes from an optimistic but dark and ultimately tragic place.  Lost Dogs, set in an abstract and murky world is a story about a physically strong man’s cataclysmic, emotional fall as he is beaten down and loses his family.  This is a sad story.  But it’s gripping and original because of the way that […]

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VALIANT and Leading Music and Entertainment Merchandising Company CINDER BLOCK Partner For T-Shirts, Apparel and More

Official Press Release Beginning today, Valiant.Cinderblock.com is your one-stop destination for the greatest merchandise the Valiant Universe has to offer! Valiant is proud to announce that it has partnered with Cinder Block, the leading independent music and entertainment merchandise company, for Valiant.Cinderblock.com – a new online portal offering limited edition apparel, accessories, prints and more […]

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The Underwater Welder, Minimalism in Comics

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire is proof that comic books can be high literature.  This title is a near-perfect example of literary minimalism, the “…economy with words and a focus on surface description.”  Lemire establishes a very succinct structure where no detail is presented without it being 1) integral to the story and to the […]

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