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Solar Powered: To Long Beach Comic Con We Go

So, Off Shoot Comics made it to Long Beach Comic Con, and boy, it is a busy time for us.  Now, as I’m sharing, please understand that we are still at the Con, but time constraints- I want to get this up tonight- I’m going to try to let you all know a little bit […]

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SOLAR POWERED: That Plus A Dollar Might Buy You Coffee

So, you’ve decided you’re going to be in comic books, and you have the next iconic superhero.  You have the design in your head and it’s awesome!  The backstory is like none you’ve ever heard before and your creative juices are fueled by a fire that can never be extinguished while you exist within the […]

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SOLAR POWERED – Black Superman Talks “Indie”

Hello indie comic fans, and welcome to another edition of Solar Powered – Indie.  I understand that many of us flock to indie books because they explore themes we might not be able to explore in the mainstream (adult, strange, funny, satire, etc.), but for someone like me, who grew up on mainstream comics and […]

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Codenamed: Epic talks to BuyIndieComics.com!

Codenamed: Epic’s Kerbykidd and Black Superman sit down with Dale Wilson and the guys behind BuyIndieComics.com and ask them the big questions in life. What do you think about the state of comics today and how do you plan on bringing people into the culture of independent comic books. We also talk about what people […]

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Codenamed: Epic’s Off Topic! – Gene Turnbow or Krypton Radio and a Special Announcement

Check out this special edition of Off-Topic! where Kerbykidd and Black Superman talk to Gene Turnbow of Krypton Radio, an internet radio station dedicated to all things comics.  Plus a special announcement involving Krypton Radio, Codenamed: Epic and a special project starting on June 1st! Krypton Radio Codenamed: Epic Codenamed: Epic on YouTube

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Codenamed: Epic Interviews Carr D’Angelo of Earth 2 Comics!

Codenamed: Epic’s Black Superman talked to Carr D’Angelo at Earth 2 Comics about their Avengers vs X-Men premiere party on Tuesday April 3rd at 7pm to 9pm at both of their stores. The event is split down the middle with the Northridge store being for the Avengers and the Sherman Oaks store for the X-Men. […]

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