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Official Press Release This weekend, Valiant is taking Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo by storm! From Friday, November 1st to Sunday, November 3rd, come join Valiant at booth #841 inside the Los Angeles Convention Center for L.A.’s biggest pop culture convention – and a weekend jam-packed with surprises!

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You Don’t Get There from Here #25: Tiny Book, Big Quality

Buying zines and mini-comics can be a little like going to a new ice cream shop.  For a couple dollars you can usually get a quick bite of something that is a treat; sometimes it is great and other times, well, at least it is still ice cream.   You Don’t Get There from Here #25 […]

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Echoes, Another Depressing and Excellent Book from Joshua Hale Fialkov

Joshua Hale Fialkov has written some amazing downers with top-shelf skill and details that make the depressive content of his books impactful and lasting.  Echoes is a spectacular example of how Fialkov uses details about real places to make his books about surreal/irreal and maybe unreal diseases and topics seem that much more tangible.  Readers […]

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West Hollywood Book Fair 2012: Dog Day Afternoon

BuyIndieComics.com has said it before, we are as a general notion big fans of the West Hollywood Book Fair. We’ve certainly seen more love at these shows from the audience than many of our friends and we appreciate that.  However, this year’s book fair was a little rough around the edges – there was some […]

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze is Coming But Am I Ready?

With BuyIndieComics.com and DWAP Productions’ appearance (booth 618) this weekend, September 15 and 16 at Comikaze, convention season is officially underway in Los Angeles.  Last year’s (just) Comikaze was proof to me after several horribly failed attempts by the larger comic book community that it was possible to put on a good comic book show in Los […]

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Ted McKeever’s Mondo: Inspired Discovery

I obviously read a lot of comics, specifically indie comics.  Part of the reason I love indie comics is that there is so much out there to discover/uncover/recover.  Indie comics is amazingly a great place to find new things that inspire me – to do my own writing, to comment on, and to aspire toward. […]

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Breaking into Indie Comics – How I Created Force Galaxia

The fateful day occurred in April of 1976. I was ten years old and had been reading comics in the newspaper and in paperback compilations of Beetle Bailey and Family Circus for a few years. This allowed me to understand the iconography of comics; the panels, the word balloons, the imagined action between panels. I […]

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