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Magnificent Creatures from DWAP Productions

DWAP Productions is a multimedia company. We started by making installations and video art, moved into publishing print comics, distributed digital comics @ MagnificentCreatures.com and I of course blog about indie comics here at BuyIndieComics.com.  For a little while, Magnificent Creatures took some time off but now it’s back with style and a new comic, […]

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Mulele Jarvis Presents The Mindgator

Mulele Jarvis is a friend to BuyIndieComics.com and DWAP Productions.  In fact, DWAP Productions has published his works in the past with Caffeine Dreams 02, Caffeine Dreams 04, Butterfly Industrial 2.0, and Elbis and the Orphan Daughter of Time.  Mulele is also a partner at MagnificentCreatures.com where he has several online comics published as well.  When […]

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Long Beach Horror and Comic Con with BuyIndieComics.com and More

As quickly as this year’s comic book convention season started, it’s about to come to a scary ending for BuyIndieComics.com and DWAP Productions at the Long Beach Horror and Comic Con.  There might be some smaller shows coming up but we don’t see anything huge on the horizon for at least a few months.  It’s […]

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Solar Powered: Off Shoot Comics, Walt, Black Superman

 Hello everyone, I’m Walter.  For a while now, you’ve known me as Black Superman, but for reasons I shall explain in a bit, today, I’m just plain Walter- or Walt, you choose.  So, why did I go with my real name instead my incredibly awesome codename?  Simple, Walter has some incredibly awesome news.   A year […]

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Absolute Monsters “Eat Me!” Bag from DWAP Productions and Taco Comics

Just $5.00 with Shipping and Handling! Looking for an eco-friendly, reusable, canvas bag that can be used for books, groceries, dog toys, and other fun? Want your bag to to be quirky and silly? DWAP Productions and Taco Comics have the bags for you. Conceptualized by dale wilson and printed at the Taco Comics factory […]

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Purple Apples from DWAP Productions

$3.00 w/ Free Shipping & Handling Purple Apples, originally written and drawn as an exquisite corpse online comic at MagnificentCreatures.com has gone to print due to it’s huge popularity. Purple Apples is about Jonny and his relationship with the mysterious Vanilla Bean, a mysterious hooded figure with blood on his hands. Order this book if […]

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Caffeine Dreams 01 PDF for Free!

Caffeine Dreams 01, originally released in 2006 was the first book to be published by DWAP Productions.  It’s anthology featuring 5 different creators.  The first story, Big Ships is a modern take on the classic 40s sci-fi genre.  The second story, On Becoming a Monster: Reunion tells a story about demons and angels coming together […]

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