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3-Page Previews: Kung Fu Skratch!

Kung Fu Skratch! (formerly Kung Fu Swagga!) is the first creator owned comics effort by comic creator, Adrian Engmann. The KFS! facebook page is the definitive resource for updates, news on the development of the series and more!

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Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Releases Authoritative Manga Guide for Librarians and Educators with Dark Horse!

Official Press Release JUNE 26 (New York, NY)—This summer, Dark Horse is proud to publish CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices, an authoritative yet accessible handbook designed to help librarians, educators, and parents navigate the vast and popular field of manga. Prepared by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated […]

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Solar Powered: Off Shoot Comics, Walt, Black Superman

 Hello everyone, I’m Walter.  For a while now, you’ve known me as Black Superman, but for reasons I shall explain in a bit, today, I’m just plain Walter- or Walt, you choose.  So, why did I go with my real name instead my incredibly awesome codename?  Simple, Walter has some incredibly awesome news.   A year […]

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The House of Dreams – An Anthology of What Should Be Today’s Comics

I am going to make a prediction here and now: If they are not already being published by one of the bigger American comics publishing companies, Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre will be in the next couple of years.  Well, at least they should be published by a major publisher soon.  These 2 women of […]

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M.I.S.//ing by Dani Dixon, Embracing Manga in America

Manga is a style of comic book, sequential art if you prefer.  It is not a genre of comic book and this is something that many including The Big 2 often get wrong.  Dani Dixon of Tumble Creek Press does not fall into this seemingly obvious pitfall with her title, M.I.S.//ing.  This book in fact […]

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Elbis and the Orphan Daughter of Time from DWAP Productions by Mulele Jarvis

$5.00 by Mulele Jarvis Manga style, b/w “Humans may come and go” said the Jazz-man, “But cats are special. 9 times only.” The mystery of cat meetings, the metaphysical downward spiral of Nina and Jazz playing God. All parts of Elbis’ world in the sweet here-after.

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Khalid Birdsong: Fried Chicken Meets Sushi, an Interview

Sometimes you come across a concept so interesting that you’ve just got to find out about the person who created it. That’s the feeling you get when you read the West meets East online comic, Fried Chicken and Sushi. I sat down with the creator, Khalid Birdsong, for a short interview. Tell me who you […]

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