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Ted McKeever’s Mondo: Inspired Discovery

I obviously read a lot of comics, specifically indie comics.  Part of the reason I love indie comics is that there is so much out there to discover/uncover/recover.  Indie comics is amazingly a great place to find new things that inspire me – to do my own writing, to comment on, and to aspire toward. […]

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Elbis and the Orphan Daughter of Time from DWAP Productions by Mulele Jarvis

$5.00 by Mulele Jarvis Manga style, b/w “Humans may come and go” said the Jazz-man, “But cats are special. 9 times only.” The mystery of cat meetings, the metaphysical downward spiral of Nina and Jazz playing God. All parts of Elbis’ world in the sweet here-after.

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Deconstructing Comics #223 Electronic Comics or “What Does Dale Know about Electronic Comics”

At the beginning of 2009, DWAP Productions had already printed several books and we had several more to come but we were also starting to explore the world of digital comics. It was relatively virgin territory back then, a kind of wild west with exciting things to come from companies like Amazon, Graphicly, comiXology, Panelfly […]

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An Underground Comix Godfather: Gary Arlington

It seems that I’ve misinterpreted Dale’s intentions with this site, buyindiecomics.com. I thought we were to put up content more to entertain than to inform. I’ve been corrected but only after my first post. The idea being that there aren’t enough “indie comics” guys talking behind-the-scenes. So maybe a bit more on my background is […]

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The Daruma by Mulele Jarvis

Hello. My name is Mulele Jarvis. I am a comic book artist that has been living in Japan for the past 21 years. Dark Horse comics and DC Comics have published some of my previous work. My latest work, ELBIS, is published through DWAP Productions. You can also see my weekly web comic at WeirdCrimeTheater.com. […]

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