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Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire, a Post Completion Contemplation

Summer is a time to catch up on reading.  With a list of that included finishing the complete series of 100 Bullets, Queen and Country and DMZ, I don’t know why I allowed Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire,  to entire my already too large pile.  However, once it was in my hands it was hard […]

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Father’s Day Edition: Papa by Vera Greentea

Whether friends, foes, or strangers, the relationship that people have with their father colors their entire view of themselves and the world. Dealing with this most fundamental of issues, Vera Greentea takes on the concept of fathers in a three 10-page stories in the compilation Papa.  Veering slightly from the more commonplace perspective of an […]

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SOLAR POWERED: It’s Not Just Ender’s Game

Now, before I get too deep into this review, I want you to know that, yes, I know that this graphic novel was produced by Marvel.  I know that, as such, it is not considered an indie book, and that I should, therefore, based solely on the name of my column, not be doing a […]

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Eye of the Gods, Would Someone Make This into a Movie Please

When Hollywood gets back to making original movies and not rebooting reboots, I hope that Eye of the Gods is on the short list of graphic novels to be adapted to the big screen.  Set in a slightly futuristic world with what might be tomorrow technology:  the ability to have new, more advanced, cloned eyes […]

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3-Page Previews: Earth Invasion Issue #1

Pages 4 & 5 – Double Page Spread The initial attack of EARTH INVASION’s primary antagonist – the KAZOOP. Page 30 Nate Josephson, one of the elite members of the Home Guard, an anti-Kazoop military operation, takes down Kazoop invaders. EARTH INVASION Issue #1 can be downloaded for free at our web site Wundermancomics.com   […]

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Jared Lindenberg Announces Plasticine Grin

A futuristic crime drama, in the latter part of the 27th century, a young Brood Code Assassin known as Felix, struggles with the shortcomings of her outmoded Cyber-Squelch Bio-Electro Membrane (C.B.M.). A career criminal, Felix’s skills have become near-legendary and attract the attention of a shadow corporation which hires her to infiltrate and kill a […]

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