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SOLAR POWERED- INDIE: I Thought I Hated History But I Liked the Story of Yi Soon Shin

We all went to school, right?  And at some point, we found that there were, probably, a few subjects we liked, a few we excelled in, and perhaps a few we disliked; but for all of us, there was that one subject that, perhaps because the teacher didn’t understand you or couldn’t cater his lectures […]

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SOLAR POWERED – INDIE: When Good Ideas Aren’t Good Enough

This is a message for those of you reading this today that are, perhaps, getting the notion that you might want to be the next big thing in indie comics, and unfortunately, it won’t be what you want to hear:  Having a good idea is the easiest part of getting started in this game.  It’s […]

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SOLAR POWERED INDIE: Unquestionably Good, Questionable Content

  So, I scoured the internet looking for web comics, hoping to find that rare gem that strikes a chord with the reader and makes them return for seconds and thirds. What I found was a little site, where there resides a comic called Questionable Content. Questionable Content is the story of Marten Reed, a […]

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SOLAR POWERED – Black Superman Talks “Indie”

Hello indie comic fans, and welcome to another edition of Solar Powered – Indie.  I understand that many of us flock to indie books because they explore themes we might not be able to explore in the mainstream (adult, strange, funny, satire, etc.), but for someone like me, who grew up on mainstream comics and […]

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Solar Powered: Green Lantern The Animated Series, a Review

Hello everyone.  Welcome to SOLAR POWERED.  Over this past week, many amazing things have happened.  Kerbykid graduated from college.  Congrats brother!  AG Rockett also, good job!  We’re all so proud of you both!  I took my kids to Disneyland and spent their college tuition to get into the park – ok, only half of their […]

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