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3-Page Previews: The Preventers

We’ve talked to Derrick A. Rivers at BuyIndieComics.com before and thought it would be cool to preview some of The Preventers. This is a splash page of the newly-created superhero team, the Preventers, as they head out to take on a powerful threat. They are (from left to right) Dragon Lady, Silver Bee, Titan, Metal […]

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Supergod, No Super Heroes Here

Warren Ellis has said more than his fair share about super powered beings in many of his books including Black Summer, The Authority, DV8, Stormwatch, Planetary, and even some heroes in Iron Man, X-Man, and Thunderbolts. More often than not, Ellis talks about the concept of what it means for humans to either suddenly have […]

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WonderCon: A Cosplay Photo Album

Cosplay is the craze at comic book conventions and Wondercon 2012 had its fair share. Here are just a few of the pics that BuyIndieComics.com friend DeWayne Copeland snapped at the show. It is amazing to what extent people will go to dress up as their favorite comic book and pop-culture figures. We here at […]

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The Last of the Greats #01, Another New Portrayal of Super Beings

I’m a fan of Joshua Hale Fialkov. As I’ve said before, he’s the only reason I even gave DC’s I, Vampire a chance. I’ve been reading his indie stuff since Elk’s Run and I’m excited to see when he starts something new. That having been said, it was like an early birthday present when I […]

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