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Zenescope Entertainment Goes on a Quest this November

Official Press Release Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans to publish a new Grimm Fairy Tales comic book mini-series entitled QUEST. Zenescope’s Pat Shand will be handling the writing the action-packed fantasy series. With this new series, Shand gets to bring back some familiar faces and break new ground as the evolution of the Grimm Universe […]

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Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire, a Post Completion Contemplation

Summer is a time to catch up on reading.  With a list of that included finishing the complete series of 100 Bullets, Queen and Country and DMZ, I don’t know why I allowed Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire,  to entire my already too large pile.  However, once it was in my hands it was hard […]

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Sweet Tooth, Sweet Storytelling

Sweet Tooth is another book in the recent wall of post-apocalyptic titles.  But it’s Jeff Lemire’s art and storytelling that puts his book at the top of the to-read stack.  His art is by no means mainstream comic book fashion and his characters are quirky, often animal-hybrid mutants but it’s the blend of emotive visuals and […]

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Jeff Lemire’s Lost Dogs, Found Tragedy

Jeff Lemire writes from an optimistic but dark and ultimately tragic place.  Lost Dogs, set in an abstract and murky world is a story about a physically strong man’s cataclysmic, emotional fall as he is beaten down and loses his family.  This is a sad story.  But it’s gripping and original because of the way that […]

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