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Indie Comics Marketing on a Showstring Budget @ Long Beach Comic & Horror Con

Are you an indie comics creator trying to figure out how to promote your book(s) and do it cheap?  Dale Wilson, founder of BuyIndieComics.com, The Antidote Trust, MagnificentCreatures.com and DWAP Productions and Dani Dixon of Tumble Creek Press will provide the 10 most important things that an indie publisher or creator can do to get the indie […]

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M.I.S.//ing by Dani Dixon, Embracing Manga in America

Manga is a style of comic book, sequential art if you prefer.  It is not a genre of comic book and this is something that many including The Big 2 often get wrong.  Dani Dixon of Tumble Creek Press does not fall into this seemingly obvious pitfall with her title, M.I.S.//ing.  This book in fact […]

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#285 Comics Cooperatives (pt 1) – Let’s Talk about The Antidote Trust

Back in 2005/2006 when I was taking my first hesitant steps into writing comics, no wait, publishing a comic, no wait, starting a business, oh, yeah, I was also starting a new day-job around that time – I also decided that it was a good idea to start a collective of “like-minded” creators – cause […]

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In Memoriam: Tony DeZuniga, Dwayne McDuffie & Conan

Hello. This missive is from Robert Roach. And please blame my rambling on Dale Wilson. Within days of our tragic loss last week, he forwarded the attached photo & asked if I’d be willing to write something about the photo’s background narrative. Even though doing so is bittersweet, it’s my honor. And I hope I […]

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Breaking into Indie Comics – How I Created Force Galaxia

The fateful day occurred in April of 1976. I was ten years old and had been reading comics in the newspaper and in paperback compilations of Beetle Bailey and Family Circus for a few years. This allowed me to understand the iconography of comics; the panels, the word balloons, the imagined action between panels. I […]

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Birth of a Universe: A Review of Carpe Chaos: Ignition

Dale Wilson, the founder of BuyIndieComics.com has given me a wide latitude of what to do with this column. Today I’m going to review a comic from a stack of books that Dale blessed me with, Carpe Chaos: Ignition. This is a fantastic book. The creators, Jason Bane and Eric Carter, have conceived a rich, […]

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