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Subculture Omnibus by Kevin Freeman and Stan Yang

“Write what you know” is a reoccurring mantra within the literary world, and Kevin Freeman has taken that to heart.  Starting in 2006, Freeman along with illustrator Stan Yang, created Subculture, initially a series of four individual issues and then an ongoing webcomic.  All of these elements, plus many other extras, are now culled together […]

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Bone by Jeff Smith, A Comic Book Masterpiece

I originally bought the first volume of Jeff Smith’s Bone because I was looking to buy something for my young nieces. I’d had trusted friends tell me that it was great book and I’d read nothing but good things about it but honestly, it had Scholastic logo on the cover. How good could it be, […]

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Alan Moore’s Ire Is A Well-Deserved Punch In The Face

There are many things in the world of comic book fandom that spark fire, controversy and debate. Somewhere right now, comic book aficionados (fan and creator both) are discussing in raised voices and impassioned pleas, the importance, relevance, or just plain ridiculousness of a character, story arc, book, or this month’s implausible heroic resurrection. These […]

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