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Witch Doctor volumes 01 & 02 is Serious Bat Country Medicine

Witch Doctor is crazy, cunning, man.  Not since Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan has there been a comic that’s so wonderfully captured the mind-altered, frenetic, hyper-sanity of Hunter S. Thompson’s writing.  Well, now that we have Witch Doctor, we can all feel better about our lives because we know that things are in good hands.  This title […]

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Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island is Warren Ellis Daft

Warren Ellis must have been crazy if he thought that a short story about 19th century coppers in a steam-punk London would have been serious competition against the iconic sales records of the decades old Captain America and Batman.  Honestly though, if Ellis’ own celebrity didn’t make the books fly off the shelf, the concept should […]

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Orbiter is Classic Science Fiction Where Wonder is Gripping

Warren Ellis and Colleen Doran’s Orbiter is a wonderful reminder that storytelling, specifically science fiction can be dramatic, engaging and exciting without over-the-top action sequences or violent battle scenes.  Orbiter is a harkening back to classic science fiction literature, a time when stories were more about the wonder and exploration of reality through metaphor than […]

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Supergod, No Super Heroes Here

Warren Ellis has said more than his fair share about super powered beings in many of his books including Black Summer, The Authority, DV8, Stormwatch, Planetary, and even some heroes in Iron Man, X-Man, and Thunderbolts. More often than not, Ellis talks about the concept of what it means for humans to either suddenly have […]

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DC Comics’ First 52 in Review by Indie Writer, Dale Wilson part 01

As a comic book writer in the indie world, I need to read a lot of books to keep up with what the majors and my lesser-known but no less-talented fringe-friends are doing. I’m not opposed to this as one of the reasons I started writing comics was because I had trouble stopping reading them […]

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