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Hecate Snake Diaries Vol. 2 Is Up For Sale

Official Press Release HECATE SNAKE DIARIES Vol 2 91 pgs/Full Color/$3.00 minimum/PDF “Hecate Snake Diaries Vol. 2 is a mostly color 91-page collection of comics, art, and essays produced by Sarah Horrocks between August of 2012 and August of 2013.  The book focuses mainly on transgender issues and issues of machine consciousness alongside an interpolating […]

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3-Page Previews: Mabigon

Before the days of King Arthur, beyond the veiled mists of time and space, there was Mabigon: The Dragon Isles, whose history would echo throughout our own myths and legends. In this land, Shrike carved his reputation as its greatest warrior. He was also its most feared. Leader of an elite order of knights known […]

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Order Erica Heflin’s The Envy now, in June’s Previews, Diamond’s comic book pre-order catalog, under Aazurn Publishing. Diamond Number JUN130706.

Official Press Release Jealousy’s a monster in this one-shot, psychological thriller from Chronographer writer Heflin and newcomer Rom Friere. See a free video preview at Indie Comics Magazine. Young Danielle’s world is forever shattered by David’s beautiful and exotic new girlfriend. When men fall for her charms and Danielle’s BFF becomes ill, she begins to […]

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Find Kelley Green is Wanderful

Part of the beauty of any art form is that it can at times surprise expectations.  Some works of art, in this case, a webcomic, go beyond their genres, their medium and the expectations of readers.  Find Kelley Green does all of these and shows exactly what a great online comic is capable of.  The […]

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Small Cons: Big rewards for Indie Creators

When it comes to conventions, San Diego Comic Con – the Comic Con – is the big dream for most comic creators. The chance to get your portfolio in front of editors, sell to hardcore comic fans and rub elbows with comic professionals. However, the fees can be daunting for an Indie Comic creator just […]

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Deconstructing Comics #223 Electronic Comics or “What Does Dale Know about Electronic Comics”

At the beginning of 2009, DWAP Productions had already printed several books and we had several more to come but we were also starting to explore the world of digital comics. It was relatively virgin territory back then, a kind of wild west with exciting things to come from companies like Amazon, Graphicly, comiXology, Panelfly […]

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