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Dust: Withered Earth is a Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Western

Genre-bending is the way of a post-apocalyptic, science fiction future in Dust: Withered Earth.  Writer James Ninness and artist John Narcomey put forth a valiant effort to keep their book competent and faithful to both the science fiction and western genres.  There’s plenty of futuristic and tragic references, tense moments before explosive gun battles and terse […]

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Pariah, MO’s Marketing Kickstarter Correctly

I first discovered Pariah Missouri through its Kickstarter page where it looked like a comic that had some serious potential.  The images were beautiful, the creator, Andres Salazar boasted having worked with comics legend, Howard Chaykin and the Kickstarter presentation really seemed to know what it was doing. Pariah Missouri’s Kickstarter page hadmultiple videos, engagement […]

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3-Page Previews: Pariah, Missouri

Written by Andres Salazar and Penciler Jose Luis Pescador, Pariah, MO is a western with a supernatural twist. It’s pitched as Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Part wild-west historical drama, part supernatural mystery, Pariah is set in 1857 a few years before the Civil War.  Considered a team book, we follow Hiram Buchanan an […]

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