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The Chilling Archives Of Horror Comics Halloween Giveaway!

Official Press Release San Diego, CA (October 18, 2013) – Attention Fright Fans!  You have five places where you could win Yoe Books/IDW’s complete Chilling Archives of Horror Comics! These spine-tingling collections of banned comics from the 1950s include Dick Briefer’s Frankenstein, Bob Powell’s Terror, Zombies, the brand new, Jack Cole’s Deadly Horror and the […]

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Revival is Reviving the Undead

Revival calls itself a “rural noir” and sure, there’s plenty of supernatural mystery and tragedy going on but the most exciting part of the book is its rehabilitation of the zombie in horror comics.  Yes, The Walking Dead took zombie stories in a new direction but the “biters” are not really all that different from […]

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Skatepocalypse #0

Skatepocalypse #0 is a complete 12-page short story set in a post-apocalyptic world.  After alien spacecrafts appear on Earth, most humans turn into flesh-eating zombies; two best friends must skateboard across America to find one’s family and unravel the truth about the alien arrival. Skatepocalypse, created and written by Mike Greene and Dale Wilson Covers and some […]

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Tales of Fear #1: Not Your Grampa’s Horror Comic

Official Press Release With an experimental, new illustration style, and plenty of gore, Tales of Fear #1 writer and illustrator Gary Scott Beatty is determined to drag horror comic books into the modern age. “It’s classic horror modernized for today’s comic readers,” Beatty explained. Tales of Fear #1, available ONLY through pre-order in February at […]

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3-Page Previews: Ugli Studios Presents: #1

The official poster of  Through the Eyes of Grizelda The poster depicts the fortress of the grand necromancer AMON KADESH under siege from the forces of good in the land of XENDRIA.  His familiar GRIZELDA watches with anticipation as the door is opened, and magic fire burns at both sides while undead giants rally the […]

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