DC Comics’ First 52 in Review by Indie Writer, Dale Wilson part 01

As a comic book writer in the indie world, I need to read a lot of books to keep up with what the majors and my lesser-known but no less-talented fringe-friends are doing. I’m not opposed to this as one of the reasons I started writing comics was because I had trouble stopping reading them but it is a lot of books. I have, as many others do, several stacks of already read trades, boxes of used floppies in closets around the United States and 2 very tall stacks of books to read. This is of course, a good life to live.

Over the years, I’ve cut down the number of titles I work hard to keep up with and generally just stick to writers/artists/creators that I find talented – no matter what the subject or genre. When I was a kid, I liked the mainstream heroes by the majors: Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, and eventually moved on to the at-the-time-less-recognized Teen Titans, X-men, etc. but some of my more recognizable heroes of today are Warren Ellis, Brian Wood, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore and a string of other writers that I will hopefully name in later posts.

On top of reading and writing, I have to fund DWAP Productions, the small publishing company that I run via my work at The Search Agency, a well-respected online marketing company where I am a client-facing creative editor. I’m busy but I like it because all of the work that I do comes together pretty well. I get to be creative at my day job where I learn new marketing ideas that I can use for my publishing company at night and on the weekends.

So, when DC Comics said they were relaunching everything, I saw it from several angles – it’s one part marketing gimmick and one part chance to start fresh with a universe that has been building for a very long time and has gotten a little messy. I did have concerns that it would not last and that it would be this year’s big title crossover, that it would make all previous writers “liars” or that it would be their way of making the DCU more user friendly. I was not optimistic and even joked that I had gotten a personal loan to fund my purchase of all DC comics from 1 into infinity.

DC Comics' Justice League 1

In association with my work in online marketing and to promote my own writing and publishing, I’m a voracious social media freak but I rarely do any reviews of writing by writers – other than maybe saying “I like this” or “I don’t like this”. However, as I started reading The New 52, there was such variety of style, topic, talent, and subject matter via the superhero genre, I felt the need to read them all and later, the want to write about them. So, here we are, several months since the publishing of the flagship title, Justice League 1 and I’m going to start giving my thoughts.

Justice League 1: OK. I am a fan of Johns, Lee and Williams and I’ve read a good amount of work by all of them. I was happy to see Williams inking Lee’s dynamism and layout again but my initial thoughts about the story was that it was too fast and written-down strictly for newbies and young audiences. Looking back after having read the entire New 52 first issue collection, I like the pace more but feel that some of the dialogue was still a little stiff and forced by the need to inform.

Please come back next week for my reviews of the first full week of The New 52. bye.


for the second week of my reviews of The New 52 by DC Comics, go here.

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