Jared Lindenberg Announces Plasticine Grin

Plasticine Grin © Jared W Lindenberg 2012

Plasticine Grin © Jared W Lindenberg 2012

A futuristic crime drama, in the latter part of the 27th century, a young Brood Code Assassin known as Felix, struggles with the shortcomings of her outmoded Cyber-Squelch Bio-Electro Membrane (C.B.M.). A career criminal, Felix’s skills have become near-legendary and attract the attention of a shadow corporation which hires her to infiltrate and kill a rogue bio-computer virus which threatens Humanity’s very existence; Felix discovers a web of corruption and betrayal. And when her wish of upgrading her C.B.M. takes an unexpected turn and becomes all too horrifyingly real, she is left questioning the very foundation of her altered being.
©Jared W Lindenberg 2012

Plasticine Grin is my first attempt at writing science fiction. The only significant influence comes from Harlan Ellison, whose writing has had a huge influence on my life as a whole. The other influence comes from Modesty Blaise, which inspired Felix. I wanted to do a sci-fi crime drama with a sexy and strong female protagonist.

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