Six Guns #1 from Marvel Worldwide Inc.

Six Guns from Marvel Worldwide

Six Guns from Marvel Worldwide

Marvel Worldwide Inc. is not an indie comics producer! So why am I reviewing this book? Cause it kinda feels like an indie book. It’s not a capes book, the art is unconventionally crunchy, and it’s written by Andy Diggle. Is that all it takes? Of course not. But it’s a good start and I want to give Marvel Worldwide Inc. proper recognition where it is relatively due. So I mentioned Andy Diggle specifically and that usually means I’m a fan and in this case, I am. I first became conscious of his name as a creator with The Losers but I also appreciated his work on Adam Strange, Green Arrow Year One, Hellblazer, Silent Dragon and Vertigo Crime – all good stuff. But much of that is not really all that indie and that is a terrible let down. Hint, hint, Diggle should do something indie, even creator owned – like The Losers. In the meantime, I’ll have to see if I can’t find his early stuff with Judge Dredd and 2000 AD. ***As an addendum, Diggle did write Gamekeeper which was pretty good and relatively indie and he is probably most well known for this creator owned property, The Losers.

About the book already, right? So do I like Six Guns #1? Not really. But wait, I just said I liked a bunch of stuff that Diggle wrote, right? And I do but this book is just a little formulaic. It comes off as a convenient way to put together a team of characters that would not otherwise hang out together, let alone work together. There’s also this scene where a biker gang kills the partner of a bounty hunter and within a few seconds, the entire group is having a relatively easy going but only slightly angry conversation about it – it just does not work.

So, while it was good to see Marvel Worldwide Inc. and Andy Diggle produce some new characters and a non-super hero book, it just was not all that exciting. Ultimately, what’s the problem with this book failing? It becomes another feather in the hat of proof to Marvel Worldwide Inc, the larger comic book industry, fan-base and community that books like these (non-mainstream, non-capes, indie-ish) do not succeed and that sucks for indie comic books. I’m not saying that anyone should run out to their local comic book store and buy this book to save the indie comics industry but at the same time, I hope that this book does well enough and that Marvel Worldwide Inc. does not judge its sales against the established icons of their other titles.

***Special Note: as of the posting of this review, I’ve purchased the TPB for Six Guns so look for that review soonish.

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