The House of Dreams – An Anthology of What Should Be Today’s Comics

The House of Dreams

The House of Dreams

I am going to make a prediction here and now: If they are not already being published by one of the bigger American comics publishing companies, Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre will be in the next couple of years.  Well, at least they should be published by a major publisher soon.  These 2 women of Boudika Comics have amazing artistic skill, smart & fun writing abilities and a genuine love for the comic book medium.  They do after all sign the intro to The House of Dreams with “Read Comics, join the fight.”  These women have a future in comics or whatever medium they choose – especially based on their anthology, The House of Dreams.

The House of Dreams is a Manga/digest sized anthology featuring sweet and fantastical, super-natural but not scary stories for just about all ages.  All of the characters (even a dog named slipper who is not a rabbit) are strong without being overbearing and unique but still recognizable.  All of the stories live in that Manga reality of being mostly set in a world that we know with just a few analogous supernatural aspects that enhance it for the sake of the story.  The true heart of the matter about the quality of this book is this:  I bought it at The Alternative Press Expo this weekend thinking that it might be something I could read and review and then gift to my young nieces.  It’s not normally something that I would get caught up in.  But I ended up reading it the morning of the second day of the show and found myself compelled to not only high-five the creators that day at the show but to also write this review ASAP.  I enjoyed the read and I was completely caught up in the talent at which it was created.

So that you fully understand my appreciation for Cabrera and Aguirre’s work, I’ll put it another way.  I don’t buy original art.  I love original art but I don’t buy it.  I don’t even buy sketchbooks unless I know that I will be gifting it to someone.  But standing at the Boudika Comics table that first day of The Alternative Press Expo, I had to do it.  I bought a beautiful playing card-sized image of two punk-rock kids kissing.  If I had the money, I would have bought several more of their cards.  So, here’s what I’m saying:  Cabrera and Aguirre are incredibly talented and you should buy their books when you see them and I hope they have amazing careers in the world of comics because we need their talent.

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