Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 09.15.2012

Wednesday Knight's Haul - 09.15.2012

Wednesday Knight’s Haul – 09.15.2012

Besides tonight being the largest stack of indie comics I think I’ve brought home since I’ve started these Wednesday night posts, there is one name that makes this stack really exciting: Ross Campbell.  Why?  Because he’s one of my favorite comic book creators making work today and because he has two books that hit the shelves tonight.

Wet Moon by Ross Campbell is hands down one of the best irregularly appearing indie comics on the shelves today.  It’s smart, different and honest.  It’s a not-so-simple book about young, college aged women and their relationships.  I’m a middle-aged guy and I love this book.  It makes me proud of the comic book medium.  Campbell’s other book is Glory – I have no clue what this book is about.  I bought it because Campbell’s name was on the cover and I look forward to reading it.

The next book in my stack is Aya: Life in Yop City.  We have the first trade from this title in our library and Astra seemed to really like it so I thought we should give this new collection a chance.  Besides, it’s amazingly original in it’s subject matter – at least in comparison to most other comic books – and I’m always looking for something unique to read.

Thief of Thieves is the next book for me tonight.  Reading this title is of course my way of keeping up with what Mr. Kirkman has been up to lately – besides, it seems really popular for an indie comic.  In keeping up with the renowned writers in comics, The Manhattan Projects is next in my list.  Hickman has been a shining start in the indie comics world for the last few years and even though his books can be a little strange and even a little hard to understand and read, I love keeping up with what he’s doing.  Besides, Hickman has brought new and highly iconic style to comic book covers – you always know by the covers, even without reading his name that a Hickman books is a Hickman book.

I remember ordering Prince of Cats and thinking that it looked hot.  Now that I have the book in my hands and I’ve cheated a bit by flipping through the pages, I know that I was write to order it.  The shape of the book is untraditional and the interior art is beautiful.  I can only hope that the writing lives up to what I’ve seen so far.  The last two books that I’ll mention tonight is Creator-Owned Heroes 4 - I’m a Phil Noto fan and I’m all for supporting the creator-owned effort.  Then there’s Snake Eyes #11.  Why did I buy this book?  For some action packed fun and because as a kid, I was a total GI Joe/Snake Eyes fan and I felt the need for that special kind of fix tonight.

-Never Enough Said.

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