3-Page Previews: Glimpses of Comfort

Glimpses of Comfort:  Sleep Museum

Glimpses of Comfort: Sleep Museum

This is the opening page of the story “Sleep Museum” with the introduction line and main character. With undefined background and atmosphere, the main character is weaving her story, and then the main character as well as the story switch, throwing new light and bringing the story to a peak.

You can read this short story online here.

Glimpses of Comfort:  Autumn Love Story

Glimpses of Comfort: Autumn Love Story

This is the first page of “Autumn Love Story” where main character starts to question his existence as “immortal”.

This story is online here.

Glimpses of Comfort:  Winter Song

Glimpses of Comfort: Winter Song

Page five from “Winter Song”. While main character is walking along the snowy street, we see the glimpses of comfortable lives of people who are in their homes. The peculiar song follows the flow, and in the end we ask ourselves the question “In whose shoes would we actually like to be?”

Read online here.

“Glimpses of Comfort”

A collection of comics about obsessions, freedom and romance

Writer: Ella Gall

Art: Kostja Ribnik

Published by Stripnjak

Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina)

May 2013

58 page, A5, B&W (color cover), staple bound.

First printing. Edition of 50 copies.

Order hard copy of this book via this page.

Or read/download free PDF version on our Internet Archive.

You can read more comics by Kostja Ribnik online and follow his blog.

More about writer Ella Gall you can find here.

“Glimpses of Comfort” is a compilation of short stories by Kostja and Ella. They are “about obsessions, freedom and romance”, as they define them. The stories are drawn with clear lines and provide a unique view of the world around us. This view is a bit peculiar, but still poetic and full of empathy for life and other human beings. – Modesty Comics (UK) http://www.modestycomics.com

“…this comic book does not, as it might seem, glorify the autistic sensibility or the ultimate adequacy of the cognitive interiority, but it offers a critique of the dominant forms of emancipation in modern liberal democracy.” – Excerpt from afterword by Šefik Tatlić

“Haunting tales from the depths of the foggy Sarajevo underground. Lonely bottle collectors, noiselife, winther, weltschmerz and strangely familiar weirdness.” – Andreas Brandal, Stripnjak editor

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